Pac Man

Sunday Screening: Retro Gaming – I played Ms. Pac-Man again and did a little better this time

Sunday Screening: Retro Gaming – Plug & Play Ms Pac-Man

40 years ago, for my birthday in 1982, my parents got me Ms. Pac-Man for the Atari 2600.  Those of us who had a 2600 were well aware of the compromises made in consideration to graphics.  Even so, Ms. Pac-Man was one of the best Atari adaptations.

Last weekend, on what turned out to be my birthday celebration for 2022, I turned back the clock and played Ms. Pac-Man again.  The arcade version, thanks to these excellent plug & play games.  I didn’t have the greatest game – I’m out of practice – but you can see my old high score on the screen.  I made it to level three this time at least!

WARNING:  Gratuitous swearing.

Sunday Screening: Retro Gaming – Plug & Play Pac-Man

Dusted off (and changed cruddy batteries) on our old plug & play arcade games this weekend.  Pac-Man was first up, and two rare variations at that:  Super Pac-Man (my favourite) and Pac-Man Plus, a challenging variant of the original.  Check out my first runs through below.  This weekend also included some Galaga, Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man and Pole Position.  Is there a game of these you would like to see next?

F-bombs included below!