GALLERY: Transformers Universe Hound & Ravage (+ Reprolabels & add-on kits)

Ravage in microcassette mode

Ravage in microcassette mode

This photo gallery (entirely music related I assure you) is by request of Jason, who is interested in getting these toys.  Below you can see the the following pieces:

  • Hasbro Transformers Universe Hound and Ravage set.
  • Reprolabels sticker set.
  • Dr. Wu DW-P02 Duel add-on kit (silver gun and missles)
  • MGS-03 add-on kit (darker guns and missiles)

How are they music related?  One of them transforms into a cassette, while the other one plays a wicked guitar solo on the electric axe, as you can see below!  Also note Hound’s cool light-piped eyes.  Nifty eh?

Gallery: Linkin Park edition Soundwave Transformers figure!

A few months ago, I did a video review of one of my favourite Transformers toys, Soundblaster aka Soundwave.

Linkin Park must dig him too.  Check out this article at Seibertron.com, for a full gallery of Botcon 2013 photos of the official Soundwave – Linkin Park Edition figure! It’s really cool looking.  The set contains recoloured G1 Soundwave, Ravage, Ratbat, and Lazerbeak figures, all done up in gold.  According to the Linkin Park website, Joe Hahn is behind the colour choice.  Only 2000 will be made.

SEIBERTRONclick the pic to get to the gallery!