Part 28: The Boy Who Killed Pink Floyd

Hiring a regular customer almost never worked out.  The first time we did it, we hired this kid…we’ll call him Todd.  Yeah.  Todd was just getting into Pink Floyd at the time we hired him.  He was also getting into a couple other things that may have influenced that, but we won’t talk about that.

Todd lasted a few months.  During those months, he played Floyd on every single shift.  Every.  Fucking.  Shift.

I didn’t own any Floyd back then, but before Todd, I was enjoying their tunes such as “Learning To Fly” and “Keep Talking”.  I could have become a Floyd fan officially, at any time, if not for Todd.

I burned out on Floyd in a matter of  days.  We worked together every weekday and a couple weekends for a month setting up that store.  The first two weeks were manageable, but after that, I could have strangled lil’ Todd.  I asked him to cut down the Floyd, it didn’t have much effect.  I guess I could have given him a direct order to cut the Floyd, since I was his boss.  However I was a much nicer person back then, and I had been subjecting Todd to Deep Purple something fierce.

The Floyd though, it reached such levels that I could not bear.  I fucking hated Pink Floyd!  I couldn’t listen to Floyd again for seven years!   Girls would come over to the house.  “Don’t you have any Floyd?”  No!  I don’t have any fucking Floyd!

I have quite a bit of Floyd now, the scars from those days have completely healed.  But I will let you in on a little secret.

Todd reinvented himself as a Game of Thrones fan — no Floyd in sight anywhere — and I find that hilarious.


  1. My first bf at 19 LOVED Floyd. And Mike Oldfield. And Chris De Berg. Don’t ask. Anyway, I didn’t care much for Floyd at all. Or Oldfield…or De Berg. Yeah it didn’t last, not because of music, but because he was slime. But, it didn;t help he had questionable taste in music. (Floyd’s okay, not my fav). He hated Zeppelin so we weren’t on the same page there at all.


    1. Musical incompatibility. The end of many relationships! Then again, Chris DeBurgh…eww. The first two I’m thinking, OK, so he’s a stoner. With DeBurgh, I’m just confused!


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