Part 32: Pranks 1.0 – Live in Japan



RECORD STORE TALES Part 32:  Pranks 1.0 – Live in Japan

“Mike, do you have a Deep Purple live album that is three discs?”  I got this call from Trevor in early 1996.  I was at home and I wasn’t working that day.

“Is it called Live In Japan?” I asked.

“Yeah…sure is.  Three discs.  Looks cool man!  We just got it in, used!”

I told Trev to hold onto it, and I’d be there in 10 minutes.  I hopped into my Chrysler Sundance, threw a Deep Purple cassette in the deck, and turned the key.

I was collecting Deep Purple at the time.  My record collecting went in spurts.  I’d always meant to start collecting the Purple canon, but their most recent album Purpendicular totally re-ignited the fire.  In a few short months, I had already picked up When We Rock We Rock, Concerto for Group and Orchestra, King Biscuit Flower Hour, Shades Of, and The Book of Taleisyn.

I got to the store, only to see Trevor standing there with my buddy Rob V.  Rob V., who in my University days, had schooled me on the ins and outs of Deep Purple.  Rob V., who was the only other person in my circle of friends who knew about Live In Japan, by Deep Purple.  I had just been punked.

There was no CD in stock.  There was only my red face for falling for it!   Damn guys!  This wasn’t the only time that they pulled this one on me, but it was the only time I fell for it.



  1. sorry Mikey! it seemed like a harmless prank at the time…I now understand the years of pain it unleashed on you…sincerely, I am sorry!

    ha ha!


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