Part 45: S.F.G.

When customers order discs, as a rule of thumb, it was always a good idea to, at minimum, get the name of the person you are ordering for.  So, imagine the scenario about to unfold….

Perfectly normal looking middle aged guy, dressed in a suit and tie, walks in and wants some Stevie Ray Vaughan.  I say, OK, I can get you such-and-such an album for ‘x’ amount of dollars and I can get it here before the weekend.  Are you interested?  Can I get your name?

“Yeah, can you hold it for S.F.G?”

S.F.G.?  That’s who you want us to ask for on the phone?

“Yeah.  Short Fat Guy.   S.F.G.  See ya.”

I swear to God because you can’t make this shit up, he always gave that as his name.  I had to call him once.  “Hi, is this S.F.G.?” 

I’ll tell you something, it was a game we all played with each other, when we had to call customers for their orders.  But nobody ever wanted to call the ones with the weird names.  S.F.G.  Koolio.  Yeah, one guy was in the system as “Koolio”. 

So we’d always leave the weird named ones for whoever was working next.  If I was working in the day, I would put a note on it saying, “Call during evening.”  If I was working the night, I would write a note saying, “Number busy, try during day.” 

Check out the cool video below for some SFG…err…I mean SRV!

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