Part 48: Thick Skin

RECORD STORE TALES Part 48:  Thick Skin

When I was at the store, I grew a very thick skin.  Unfortunately record store customers can be dicks, a considerable percentage in fact, especially when you throw in the “buy and sell” factor.  Then you get people looking for money for every reason you can imagine.  I’ve had people throw things at me.  I’ve had people call me an asshole.  I’ve had people call me gay (not that there is anything wrong with that!), question my eyesight, and question my hearing.

One guy was pissed off that his CD was too scratched for me to buy.  So instead of keeping a CD that he claimed played perfectly fine, he chose to shatter it in his hands, sending little plastic shrapnel shards at my face.

Once I had a pencil thrown at my head.  I can’t even remember the context anymore, but I do remember that Kam was having issues with a customer.  I assume it was over the selling of used CDs to the store, it always was.  Kam seemed to be struggling a bit, so I stepped over to help.  Again I don’t remember the details of what happened, but he zeroed in on me, and didn’t cool down.  I was probably backing Kam up in whatever he was saying.  This guy was pissed.  He didn’t give a shit about Kam, he asked for my name.  I remember thinking, “My name?  What the hell did I do to him?”   He then threw the pencil at my head, and walked out.

I said to Kam, “I don’t make enough money to put up with people throwing shit at my head.”

But, like I said, you grow a thick skin.  You go home and on to the next day.  The only thing left is a good Record Store Tale.

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