Editorial: Paul Stanley’s voice problems

I’ve been reluctant to post anything about this, but I’m an honest fan.  I’m no fanboy — when a band does something I don’t approve of, I say so.

Everybody knows I’m a huge Kiss fan.  I first started noticing Paul’s voice getting raspier on the 2004 DVD Rock the Nation Live!  Now, it’s…man it hurts to say this…it’s almost tuneless.  You can hear Gene and Eric Singer holding down the melody while Paul struggles to sing.

I read recently that Paul had vocal cord surgery in November 2011, and that he says he has simply done too many tours with not enough time off to rest his voice.  I think that is a real shame.  Paul, listen to me — I consider you to be one of the top five rock singer frontmen of all time.  Right up there with Freddie and Ronnie.  To hear the guy that I once saw in Phantom of the Opera croak like this, something’s clearly wrong.  Paul, if time off is all you need — take it!

We, the Kiss Army, would gladly, patiently wait years between tours if it meant preserving your voice.  In the meantime you guys could continue to issue box sets and DVD’s with worthwhile unreleased material, and we’d buy it.

I fully expect the new album, Monster, to be good.  I have no doubt that in the studio, a controlled environment, Paul nails it.  But live, Paul, you need to give your voice a rest and take some time.  We’ll still be here when you come back.  For yourself, please think about it.


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  1. You should send this to Paul’s website. It’s just a shame that this is happening. I just saw them last Saturday in Indianapolis. Not too good.


  2. During 2008 tour they have played at the Arena, in Verona (Italy). Paul was embarrassing. Very sad. I can’t understand why still to these days the situation hasn’t changed. I Remember Alive III o MTV Unplugged days, not so far in time, he was terrific.


  3. Absolutely exciting version of “I still love you”, Also great was “Sure know something”! In relation to paul’s voice, I think he has lost tone and power. Time takes its toll :(


  4. He can still write, he can still produce, and he can still sing on CDs, but his concert voice is very rough these days. It’s sad that Gene’s and Eric’s voice are better these days than Paul’s, when he used to kick ass regularly.


  5. And now that Monster is out, you can notice how Paul cannot control his voice anymore, even in a “controlled environment”, with massive post-production.


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