QUEENSRYCHE UPDATE: Things Are Gonna Get Messy…

First there’s this.  Queensryche make Tate sound like a total douche, but the future of their music is exciting.  And that 2013 “Return to History” tour sounds totally cool.  Read it:


Then, there’s this news!


2013 QUEENSRŸCHE Anniversary Tour featuring an All-Star lineup, starring Geoff Tate, “the longtime creative and driving force behind the band, whose vocals can be heard on every Queensryche song ever released!” [NOTE:  Didn’t DeGarmo sing on “All I Want”?]

Yeah, this is definitely going to get messy.  2013 will be an interesting year as two entities seemingly calling themselves Queensryche attempt to do an anniversary tour.  Can’t imagine who the hell is in Geoff’s “all star lineup” though.


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  1. Haha this is AWESOME! I say that they cannot miss this opportunity: they need to do a co-headlining tour! They wouldn’t have to even see each other back stage. But it’s a perfect opportunity for the actual band to show the world what a tool that guy has been, and where the real action is. This would be way bigger than that stupid Brothers tour they did with Oasis and the Black Crowes together! Hey Queesryche! Let’s get on this and git ‘r’ dun!


  2. I hope the publicity does both parties well. A co-headlining tour would be hilarious! I am looking forward to new music from Queensryche. I could care less about new music from Tate. I bought his solo album; I haven’t played it since I bought it.


    1. ok so an obvious question would be… “why did you buy it if you didn’t really want to hear it?” Since you don’t like what he has become.. and figure the “band members.. ie: WRJ” are the driving force of QR and expect their sound to be supreme now without Tate in the mix why bother to comment on JT ? Let him go do his own thing and just follow the “Real QR”..Yes..


      1. Joe, thanks for your comment. But why is that an obvious question? Have you never bought an album you didn’t like? I have many times! Just check out my reviews. The Tate album I got when it first came out. I paid $8 for it. I hadn’t heard a single note, but I’m a fan, so I bought it. Have you never done that? I gave it my minimum 3 plays before I shelved it, unimpressed. What did you think of that album?

        I’m also curious why you think I shouldn’t cover Tate news? He’s making a lot of waves in the metal community right now. I’m extremely curious what will happen. I plan on following both Queensryches, because like I said…I’m a fan.



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