Part 100: Five Record Store Memories


RECORD STORE TALES PART 100:  Five Record Store Memories

1. One customer, Captain Jack (so-named because he dressed as a WWII Corsair pilot) once offered to work for us part time, just straightening the discs in the bargain bin so they’d all face in the same direction.  That was all he wanted to be.  Bargain Bin Straightener.

2. Two young girls were listening to Gwen Stefani on the listening stations.  Both of them decided to sing, “This shit is bananas!” at the top of their lungs.  When told to stop, they just said, “But we’re just repeating the words of the song!”  Parents, step up please.

3. Because we had a staff dinner there once, Jack Astor’s popped in one day with a “Jack Attack”:  A bucket of wings and a six-pack of pop.  At first I was going to say, “Sorry man, I didn’t order any food,” until they said it was FREE!  I was working alone, and I managed to eat most of the wings and drink 4 bottles of pop myself!  My boss would have shit if he saw me pigging out in the store…but there was nowhere else to go to eat, when you’re working alone all day.

4. One of the most unique discs we ever saw come in stock was a disc of Russian folk songs, recorded over a century ago.  One employee, Wiseman, liked playing it at closing time because it got people out of the store.

5. Other artists Wiseman enjoyed:  Brushy One-String, a reggae artist so named because he played a one-stringed guitar!  This also received store play, but reportedly was “not very good”.  He would often pair this with Tarkus, by E.L.P.  It was always interesting working nights with Wiseman!


    1. Here’s a fact that surprises readers: Store managers were not given a say in who they hired. Head office did all the interviews themselves, and all we did was administer the tests. By saying that I knew or recommended someone, that didn’t mean much.


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