Part 113: Destiny (“It’s Like It Was Meant to Be”)

RECORD STORE TALES PART 113:  Destiny (“It’s Like It Was Meant To Be”)

Sometimes, like destiny, something cool arrived on my counter at random. Something I’d been hunting for.  Something special, that hit the spot at exactly the right time.  That was the beauty of used CD’s.  Even more than a box of chocolate, you truly never knew what you were going to get!

For example:

IAN GILLAN – The Best Of

I had pretty much cleaned up on Deep Purple, and I was ready to start exploring the solo projects of people like Gillan, Glover and Lord.  Like it was meant to be, suddenly The Best Of Ian Gillan showed up!  This compilation covered his two most recent solo releases, Tool Box and Naked Thunder.  Both albums are hard to get, and I still don’t have them!  This compilation hit the spot.

I remember Statham coming into the store while I was playing the opening track, “Hung Me Out to Dry”.  He chuckled at the opening screams!  “What is this?” he laughed.  But he respected my choice instead of mocking it which is more than I can say for some of the coworkers!   You never see this stuff used in these parts, but once in a blue moon.  I truly felt like I’d hit a home run!

Another example:

DEEP PURPLE – “Haunted” (CD single)

I’d been planning on ordering this one online. I found it on the German Amazon site, but only there so far.  All the single had was a bonus remix of “Haunted”, but as a Deep Purple completist, this is the kind of rarity that I seek.  CD singles tended to be a European thing and hard to get here.  I was prepared to have to pay up to $15 for this single….

When suddenly a guy brought in not one but TWO promotional copies with the bonus track!  Unmarked promotional copies, as in only the case was marked, which you can replace.  SCORE!  I saved myself some cash on that lucky happenstance, and the other copy sold off the shelf in short order.

A third great example:

JOURNEY – Trial By Fire (Japanese import)

I had been collecting Journey rarities, especially the Steve Perry years.  I saw a Japanese import of the final album they did with him, Trial By Fire, at HMV 333 Yonge in Toronto.  It was $40 or $45.  The bonus track was “I Can See It In Your Eyes”.  It just wasn’t in the budget that day.  I had several Japanese imports in my hands that day, and something had to be sacrificed.  Journey didn’t make the cut.

And then a couple weeks later, one of my regulars, Conrad, sold me a mint condition copy, bonus track intact.  Instead of paying $45, I paid $15!  Score!


  1. Toolbox and Naked Thunder were remastered and reissued in the one set here is the UK pretty recently. I found it on the Canada Amazon for you. Hope it’s useful!
    I’ve loved Toolbox since it came out so it’s well worth checking. The only annoying feature is that to fit three albums on two discs, they have split Toolbox between discs. *sigh* But it’s a good price for some hard to find albums.
    I have huge amounts of love for Steve Perry’s For the Love of Strange Medicine album! Not listened to Trial By Fire that much though… might need to dig it out again!


    1. Added to the wishlist! I have a 12″ single from that Gillan period here too, I’ll have to pull that out and take a pic.

      I don’t have Steve Perry’s Strange Medicine album. I do have his greatest hits disc. I should take another listen because I don’t remember the songs clearly anymore.


      1. The same label have reissued all the Gillan stuff from the Ian Gillan band on… taking in stuff like the Gillan/Glover album too. They’re good reissues, liner notes from Ian and lots of good bonus stuff.

        Strange Medicine is the album I always go back to the most. Even more than the Journey stuff. It’s not an immediate album but it’s a real grower.


        1. Well, by pure coincidence (ie: because I pulled the CD off the shelf to take these pictures) I have a review of the Journey CD coming up! And hey, if you happen to do a listening to Strange Medicine, I sure would like to read about it!


    1. Oh man, I got you guys BEAT! Back when we lived in Saskatoon, the creators of Homestarrunner came to the pub on the uni campus and put on a presentation. Did you ever see the Homestar puppet video on the site with the Gordie Howe statue and all that? That was when they came to town! Anyway, we were front row. And they had a big projector screen and played various things, talked about how they do what they do, took questions from the crowd. And they played Trogdor. And everyone screamed for the easter Eggs. Definitely a once in a lifetime event.


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