Part 138: Remembrance Day

RECORD STORE TALES Part 138: Remembrance Day

Every November 11 at the store, I always killed the sound at 11:00 am for one minute.  I remembered going to the cenotaph every year when I was a kid, and watch my Grampa with the other old soldiers laying the wreaths.  I plugged my ears when the canons fired!  The least I could do as an adult is kill the music for one minute.

This one is for my Grampa and veterans everywhere.



    1. I know how they managed it. Because if they didn’t, no one else would find the same meaning in it. They did it because they cared. They put their lives on the line so that we can live the lives we have now, so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have now. An hour out in the November cold is nothing compared to the YEARS they spent with their lives on the line. They do it for us, just like they did in the 40s.


      1. Also, it occurs to me that, of course stating the obvious, they are there to remember and honour the guys they knew (and didn’t know) who did not make it home. So yeah, braving the cold for an hour or so? Whatever.


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