REVIEW: Newsted – Metal (2013 EP, autographed CD)

Updated with photos of this cool limited edition autographed CD!


NEWSTED – Metal (2013 EP, iTunes and Jasonic Music)

Oh man!  If this doesn’t kick off 2013 with a bang, I don’t know what will!

This four song EP is some of the coolest heavy metal tunage that these aged ears have heard in recent days.  Newsted (the band) consists of:  Jason Newsted, bass & lead vocals, with Jesus Mendez Jr. on drums and Jessie Farnsworth on guitar.  No, I never heard of those two guys either, but who cares?  This EP smokes from start to finish!

Jason’s vocals are reminiscent of his former bandmate’s, Snake, from Voivod.  Even musically, Newsted has more in common with Voivod than Metallica.  The first song, “Soldierhead”, rocks like a Motorhead outtake on rocket fuel, with those snakey Voivod vocals.  Then it really kicks into a Voivod vibe, accompanied by some thrashy soloing.

The second track, “Godsnake”, slows the pace to an ominous crawl.  Jason spits the words out like venom.  It’s an infectious groove, with a total Fu Manchu guitar solo.

“King of the Underdogs” starts with some slow, evil metal pickin’, but settles into a slammin’ groove in short order.  Jason’s bass is delicious, but once again, it’s the vocal I’m addicted to.  “I am the king…I am the king…I am the king of the underdogs, you know that’s my name!” snarls Jason.  The chorus is infectious, and the solo is eerie goodness.

“Skyscraper”, the final song, is not a David Lee Roth cover, thankfully, but in fact is a Sabbathy riff monster.   Once again, when the vocal kicks in, I can’t help but think of Voivod.  But that’s OK.  I like Voivod.  I’ve played this EP a number of times now, but I can’t pick a favourite tune.  All four are great, old school metal tunes with grit, groove, bite and melody.

Of interest:  the songs are (coincidentally?) in order from shortest to longest.

Initially this was an iTunes only release.  Then, after I bought that, Jason announced a limited autographed physical CD release.  Me being a lover of physical product (and autographs) I ordered that here:

I love the vinyl look of the actual CD.  The packaging has photos and lyrics.  It’s a nice little cardboard sleeve with that bitchin’ Newsted logo.

Jason has also said that this is the first of three EPs.  Count me in for the next one.  Can Jason deliver more of this metal devastation?  Let’s find out.

5/5 stars


  1. Just ordered it, I’ll have my very own autographed CD too! Not bad for $10. Too bad the f*@kers charged $11.25 for shipping. I mean, seriously? For one EP? I highly doubt it costs them that much.


    1. Yeah, I think a lot of the time, they make a bit of extra cake on shipping. eBay can be pretty bad for that.

      Glad to report it’s a nice package at least, and shipped in a sturdy box.


      1. Another example:

        I just ordered three books (for my Mom’s birthday), all from the same Amazon secondary seller. They charged $6.49 shipping PER ITEM. I emailed them, said that’s dumb, all three books will be going into one box, so even one $6.49 charge would cover it. The other two charges were just a soaking. They replied that it’s Amazon’s policy to charge per item, not per order. I asked them if they let Amazon dictate EVERYTHING they do in their business. “Hey, do you think Amazon would let me take a bathroom break and get a coffee?” Anyway, their pricing stands. I hope they enjoy the extra cash by choking on it.


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