Part 202: Smoking Makes You Impotent

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RECORD STORE TALES Part 202:  Smoking Makes You Impotent

My journal is full of interesting characters that I met daily at the record store.

Date: 2004/05/21

[Co-worker] was coming in from having a cigarette outside.  I was inside helping customers.

A funny little old lady asked if peanut butter was good for fixing CDs. I explained that your laser cannot read through peanut butter.

Then she told [Co-worker]  that smoking made you impotent. [Co-worker]  said thank you.

There are times I do miss it — but not too much.   Never will you meet more interesting characters then while serving the public!


        1. Yeah, yeah, a dab left on overnight. Just checked with the offspring and she says this is good for “occasional” zits vice all-out acne outbreaks. She also says “paste” not “gel.”

          Caveat: Neither I nor my daughter are scientists nor paid spokespersons for the toothpaste industry…. (not yet anyway, we’ll have to see if this takes off).


        2. what about the one for sensitive teeth for sensitive skin? repairs the damage to walls by itself – reverses acne damage, too!


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