Part 207: Make ‘Em Say UHHH


Working in a used CD store, not only did we get to see lots of cool stuff, but we got to look inside.  Anything that appeared remotely interesting, cool, amusing, or weird, you could open up the booklet and have a look.  Some of the oddest things that amused us were the ads inside releases from No Limit Records.  No Limit is a rap label.  They heavily cross-promoted all their artists, and their roster once boasted Snoop Dogg himself for a couple albums.  You’d see ads for all their albums (all the art obviously done by the same people), and…sometimes…an ad for the talking Master P doll!  “Make ‘Em Say Uhhh!”, as seen below…

Uhhh! Na na, na na.  Uhhh!  Na na, na na.

Next time on Record Store Tales….



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