WTF SEARCH TERMS: Pol Rodgers Edition


WTF SEARCH TERMS III:  Pol Rodgers Edition

WTF Search Terms is a new feature here at LeBrain’s, where I reveal some amusing words that people typed into search engines, ending up at my site.  Today I’ve gathered 10 of the funnier Rock-related search terms!  If you missed the last one, click here.

10.  “show me all of iron maidens art dra”  “Show me”?  Pfft.  Show me your dra first.

9. “pol rodgers fire and waters”  He  knew how to spell Rodgers, but not Paul.

8.  “band acting like a puppet”  My best guess is Supergrass.

7. “jonbonjovi phoyoes never seen”  If you’ve never seen it, neither have I.

6. “where was montly crew attacted in saskatchewan”  He spelled Saskatchewan right.

5. “deep purple songs about nature appreciation”  This thought had not crossed my mind once before now.

4. “when will def leppard be on itunes”  Perhaps the answer is, like my old Psych 301 prof used to say, “On the 12th of Never.”

3. “why does burke shelley sound like a woman”  Maybe because his last name is Shelley, huh-huh, huh-huh.

2. “paul di anno teh beast”  Teh.

1. “does sebastian bach really like model trains”  Yes, him and Sheldon Cooper!


    1. Well it just so happens, HMO, that I had SO MUCH material, that this time I decided to divide them up by theme. This is 10 rock oriented search terms.

      The next one however is 10 sexual search terms, and I think I can guarantee you some Wild LeBrain Action next time out!


  1. You should do a poll on Paul’s pol. It would be popular in Poland, of course. As for Bon Jovi, I’ve never been a fan, so I don’t need to see any photos or phoyoes of him or the band. Thanks for showcasing the amazing Supergrass, one of my favorite bands of the last 20 years; a group that changed & grew with each album. Disappointed that they broke up, but like most bands I’m sure they’ll reunite eventually.

    Keep the WTF search terms coming. Always good for a laugh.


    1. Craig Fee at the local radio station emailed me this morning, thanking me for reminding him about the great Supergrass track! So there you go! I don’t have the album anymore but I’ll re-add it.


        1. The good think with an artist like Supergrass is that you can usually find their stuff cheap. It’s a shame because they were a big deal (especially in England) for several years, but never made it to the big time. Saw them live a couple of times and they were great.


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