Gallery: T-Rev’s Tapes Part Deux – Ruckin’ Fockin’

Last year for Record Store Tales Part 145, I dug up some of T-Rev’s old mix tapes, complete with custom artwork.  T-Rev always put such work into his tapes (sequencing and art included, he even numbered them as a series!), so it is a pleasure to give you this gallery of three more of T-Rev’s Tapes!

Rockers love to discuss “mix tapes”, so I invite you to comment on your own personal picks.  Led Zeppelin?  Metal Tunage?  What would you do?


  1. I like to Rock…FU hahahahaha…awesome….like the fact that Give To Live is on there. Always dug that song from the Hagar 87 solo album….actually the compilations were always fun to do amongst my friends we did the same but about 10 yrs earlier…1983 on..hahaha..I’m old ..I remember when my best friend got hooked on Halen cuz of me and we were able to get Diver Down and I think VH 2 on a 60 minute maxwell both sides all songs….


    1. I think the Hagar 87 album has some great songs on it. Eagles Fly…Give to Live…Hands and Knees…

      You’re right though I think you can do that trick with a few VH albums, Fair Warning fits on 1 side of a 60 too.


  2. Hmmm, toys and music – it could work …

    I used to spend hours making covers for tapes, I colour-coded them too. Brown for AC/DC, yellow for Queen and pink for Marillion. Happy days!


    1. I don’t know why your comments keep ending up in my spam, but I’ll keep un-spamming them as I find them!

      I love the idea of colour coded tapes. I only did that for one band: all my Kiss tapes were printed on bright orange paper. I really used to enjoy the art of it.

      If you want to see my surviving art here it is:

      Unfortunately my hand-painted Savatage Dead Winter Dead gargoyle cover was given to an ex named Nikki who then moved 1,457.9 km away. (Good riddance!)


        1. I figure it’s the nomadic lifestyle…or a Stevie Nicks fascination. Whatever the case is, I think the American perception of “Gypsy” is quite different from the UK perception.

          Like a Gypsy I was born to walk alone.


  3. Yep it was Fair Warning not Halen 2 ….I remember getting Yngwies Triology from a buddy who wrote inside the case “from Colin’s Sound Emporium ” hahaha..his name was Colin,those were good times…


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