REVIEW: Triumph – Greatest Hits Remixed (2010)

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GR HITS REMIXED_0001TRIUMPH – Greatest Hits Remixed (CD+DVD 2 disc set 2010 Universal)

I was very impressed with the “new” Greatest Hits Remixed by Triumph. Normally I don’t go much for remixes, as 9 times out of 10 the original versions are superior. Greatest Hits Remixed however was done by none other than Rich Chycki (ex-Winter Rose) whose credits include remixing work with Rush, particularly on Retrospective III. He did the first remixes of the Vapor Trails material, leading to the band remixing the whole album today.  Chycki’s work elevated those songs to a new level, likewise with Triumph.

The drums are louder and harder (read: modern sounding). The guitars more aggressive. The rolling, grooving basslines are now in your face. (I may have underrated Mike Levine in the past.)  Keyboards have been toned down. Vocals have been stripped dry and place high in the mix. In the case of “Just One Night”, the entire song sounds re-recorded, particularly the lead vocal.  Gil sounds older on this version. Even the hokey cheese of “Somebody’s Out There” has been replaced with a new edge, drowning out the formerly keyboard-heavy leanings. My only complaint is that some vocals are a little heavy on echo.

This CD-DVD 2 disc set comes with a wealth of interesting extras.  The DVD here is a great package on its own, and would have been worth buying in the $10 range alone. Every major Triumph video is here, now backed by the remixed tracks. In addition, there’s some bonus features, such as the “Child of the City” music video by the “v2.0” version of Triumph with Phil X.  There’s some early fan-cam footage (“Blinding Light Show”) and perhaps best of all, Triumph inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.  They are inducted by Tom  Cochrane, introducing Gil Moore as one of his closest friends.  Who knew?  Additionally, the set is housed in a nice double digipack, with lots of photos (a couple recent ones too) and lots of text to read. On the whole, a well made and timely package.

If you’re a new fan who hasn’t got their first Triumph CD yet, this package is a pretty good buy.  You might really get into the more modern sound. If you’re an old fan, I think it’s fun to enjoy the memories and the harder rocking sounds.

5/5 stars



    1. As far as a “hits” selection goes, this is pretty definitive. You won’t get early progressive moments like Blinding Light Shoe, but this is a really great selection of hits. Recommended.


        1. “Paul, what are you doing with that pistol down your pants?”

          “I said to her, honey that ain’t no pistol. I said to her, honey! That ain’t no pistol! That’s my…”


        2. I have a record store coming later — I made a mix tape for a co-worker once of all Paul’s raps from my own personal collection.

          “I tell you something people…that baby had the longest fuckin’ tongue I seen in my life!”


        3. My fave moment is Paul asking Gene how he’s doing to which Gene replies “OOhhhhh yeahhh” and there’s a brief pause where just seems to be looking at him and probably thinking “what the fuck was that?”


        4. Me too. Although I don’t seem to enjoy rock books anymore. WHen they were a rare treat…yes. When I can go and buy a book from the drummer from Ratt? No.

          I mean come on. When’s Don Dokken doing his book, y’know?


        5. I’ve read The Dirty by Nikki Sixx. I’ve read Lemmy’s book. Nobody can top those guys for drugs, so let’s read about the MUSIC.

          I don’t like how most rock books glaze over obscure parts of a band’s history. Martin Popoff NEVER does that so that’s why I hold him in high esteem.


        6. Yeah exactly. I think the Dirt and Lemmy started a trend for those kind of books. Everyone’s just trying to cash in now but its just dull… and doesn’t do the authors any favours usually.

          Popoff’s books are a great example of the kind of thing I like.


        7. I have a few here on deck that I haven’t read yet — Dee Snider’s. I don’t imagine his is about the drugs too much. I don’t think they were really that kind of band. But you know, I got Steven Adler’s and it’s just…ugh. OK, I get it Steven. You were addicted and the band abandoned you.

          At least since the R&R Hall of Fame, Adler seems to have gotten over getting fired. He seems to finally be at peace with himself.


        8. The one that rarely gets mentioned, but was excellent, was Aerosmith’s Walk This Way. I still think that was better than The Dirt. I can see why a mass audience prefer The Dirt cause of all the nonsense but Aerosmith’s book was more interesting.


        9. Walk This Way was GREAT. Very detailed. It’s the only Aerosmith book anyone needs. Especially because it dove RIGHT into the dark corners of Aero-history. The breakup, reunion, and near-breakups since. All the stuff with Tim Collins. Etc. etc. etc.


        10. It does beg the question why Tyler (and Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx for that matter) wanted to do their own books? Did they feel misrepresented in the band biogs or were they just a money spinner? “Brand Tyler” and all that stuff.


        11. MOney. That’s my idea of it. Because those are all ghost written. Nobody sat in front of a typewriter. The interviewer records hours of conversations, and edits it all together into a narrative. I’m convinced that’s how most of these books are conceived. Some are clearly actually written out the ol’ fashioned way, such as David Lee Roth’s.


        12. I don’t know about Roth’s. It did come across like it was conversational (on purpose though to capture Roth’s vibe). Didn’t he do loads of interviews with Rollins to put that book together? I seem to remember Rollins relating it in one of his books. Regardless, I thought it was excellent!

          I’ve not read Tyler’s or Sixx’s. I got Neil’s out the library and gave up after a couple of chapters.


        13. I know Rollins worked with Roth. I don’t know (right now) when, for how long, and what exactly was the outcome. He seemed to love telling Dave stories though, lots of respect there.

          Another good rock book I read was the Aerosmith drummer one. It’s late and I’m tired, is it Kramer? Anyway. Good, clear-eyed book. Quite a story.

          The Snider is worth a read. He takes shots at himself as much as anybody else.

          As for reading in gerneral, I apply myself and make myself read novels. I’d be with you guys, unable to focus for that long, if I didn’t keep my guard up. I find it worthwhile (as you’ll note whenever I put up thoughts on the HAAPs) that getting into something that has nothing to do with music tends to clarify the focus when I do get to the music. Plus, I’ve read 150-200 books per year since public school, so I’m just an inveterate reader.


        14. I do still force myself to read novels on occasion but it just takes me ages! Read a few Moorcock books last year and Dracula for the 1st time but I probably only manage 2 or 3 books like that a year! Between music, guitar, blogging, movies and EvaOverload that’s the best I can manage.


  1. Alright last time time I did say that I get tired of these Greatest Hits releases time after time but there I was buying this when it came out if for anything well it’s Triumph!!!
    Like Mike says the remixes bring out a clearer more of a punch than the original recordings I mean that’s technology right? The song selection is good but man Just One Night could not back than and still to this day I cannot handle. I mean if there was a category for Rock Sap that track would be in at or close to #1. The rest of it good esp the mix on Spellbound that one soars sonically one of there best. Also why include Love Hurts….like I said in the sport of kings review get back behind the kit Gil for Christs sake!
    Now if Triumph had been releasing album after album up to this point I would have skipped this but as we know few and far between so I did buy!
    Cool surprise to see this one in my inbox!


    1. Ahh Deke I was hoping you’d stop by!

      Yes this surely is a worthwhile package, and yes Just One Night does not need to be on here (put on Blinding Light Show instead! Or It Takes Time to Make Time!)

      The DVD here is worth having on its own, for the money this is great value. I believe Aaron and I saw one in Toronto for $10.


      1. Shit ya S Kelly’s book Metal On Ice he chats to Dan Wolf..interesting politics with that band…..actually they were supposed to open for Nugent here in Tbay back in 86 but they never made it….


        1. Really eh? You always think of Canadian bands not having too much drama going on.

          ANyway I reviewed the Standing Alone album so you can look for that one coming in the next few weeks!


        2. mikeladano :
          Really eh? You always think of Canadian bands not having too much drama going on.
          ANyway I reviewed the Standing Alone album so you can look for that one coming in the next few weeks!

          Basically more record company politics and popularity issues in Canada


  2. Mike the Dee Snider book is a great well done read from start to finish.
    I don’t want to ruin it for ya but u will find and see how the music business works and well the fact that he changes a bands name in the book and gets after them for sumthin is funny as hell…u will enjoy!


  3. Now in your earlier posts u and HMO were going on about Stanley’s stage raps well I caught Kiss on the Asylum tour in Duluth and one of his raps went sumthin like this….
    “Mmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm Duluth ,I look down at the front row here tonight and all I see is a fine buffet that is gonna be waiting for me after the show!””
    Me and my friends pissed ourselves laughing as this was the guy wearing bright yellow gloves …man the glam look did not suit them like that….!


  4. Even though I’ve been a Triumph fan since 1980 & own all of their official Emmett-era albums, I never had any interest in this. I assumed it was their version of the infamous ZZ Top “Six Pack” where original recordings were remixed with new drum & guitar sounds, basically like painting over a masterpiece. If I ever found it REALLY cheap I might consider picking it up, if just for the DVD, but it would’ve been a good idea to give listeners/viewers the option of playing the remixed or original audio track with those videos. Your review has at least given me reason to think it’s worth checking out at some point, but I remain skeptical.


    1. That would have been great Rich (if you could choose between audio versions on the DVD).

      If you find it for whatever price you’d be willing to pay for a DVD of this nature go for it!


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