MOVEMBER REVIEW: The Guys – “The Stache Is Back In Town”

THE GUYS – “The Stache Is Back In Town” (2013)

The month of Movember is upon us again, men allowing fur to gather on their upper lips. Some say it is to raise money for testicular cancer research. Some say it is a rite of passage. One way or another, Movember is now intertwined with rock and roll. Long gone faces such as Frank Zappa, John Bonham, and Phil Lynott are remembered fondly. The Guys want us all to remember together.

It’s not the first time. A couple years ago, The Guys brought out the excellent “Man With A Moustache”. It’s a catchy 80’s sounding synthpop-rock tune. It’s hard not to smile at its catchy chorus and wired guitars. It’s irresistible actually. Having sampled their tunage extensively on their website, I can’t say it’s indicative of their sound in general, which varies wildly all over the 1980’s. But you have to be the judge yourself of this talented creative force.

But ya know…The Guys have something new out this Movember.  This kind of thing is categorized as a “parody”; I don’t consider it a parody.  I consider it a tribute.  I consider it a testament to Phil Lynott and moustaches everywhere from coast to coast of this glorious nation and beyond.  That song is “The Stache Is Back In Town”.  I hope I don’t need to explain this to you, but it’s a cover of “The Boys Are Back In Town” off Jailbreak, by Thin Lizzy.  

You can hear it for yourselves, but I think The Guys did a damn fine job of this song.  They even call out one of the greatest ‘staches of all television history:  Thomas Magnum.  That’s right.  Thomas Magnus aka Magnum P.I. aka Tom Selleck!  Lead vocalist Thomas Love (known to his friends as Marko Fox) explained it to me:  “Grooming is essential for success…as a moustache can make anything better. It is not a coincidence that both Thomas Magnum and Jonathan Higgins both had killer staches.”

You can’t argue with that.

I hope “The Stache Is Back In Town” remains a Movember classic for years to come.  While I did not participate in Movember this year, you can support the cause here:  Men’s health is an important issue, but Movember lets us take it a little more lightly.  The Guys have the Movember spirit, and I applaud them.

6/5 stars

The Guys:  THOMAS LOVE – Vocals, Drums, Percussion & Keys JOHNNY KIKX – Vocals, Guitars & Keys BARRY FUSE – Guitars, Bass, Keys & Vocals RICK DANIELS – Bass, Keys & Vocals

Guess What Just Grew Back Again
A Hairy Lip That’s Made To Win
Went From Being A 2 To A 10
Just Because It’s Movember

Thomas Magnum Posters On Every Girl’s Wall
All You Babyfaced Boys Get Ready To Fall
I Hear The Rock That Is Our Party Call
So Let The Mo’ Ruckus Begin


Spread The Aftershave Around
Turn Up That Hairy Sound

No Shaving Cream To Be Found…

You Know That Chick That Turned You Down A Lot?
Every Night She Be Laughing, Blowing You Off
But Now Man She Be Staring, She Be Red Hot
The Hairy Lip’s Got Her Steaming

The Radio’s Playing Our Favourite Song
Called “Man With A Moustache” And It Won’t Be Long
Till All The Ladies Will Want Me To Take Them Home
They Want To Watch Me Shave It In



Mo’ bros lookin’ like John Oates…


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