Part 261: Something In Your Mouth


RECORD STORE TALES Part 261:  Something In Your Mouth

From the pet peeve department, here’s a journal from the Record Store.


I have a BIG pet peeve with people (strangers in particular) who talk while eating.  If you’re eating dinner at home with your family, that’s one thing.  The rules of your home are the rules of your home, and I respect that.  But this guy was right in front of me, in the store, mowing down a Timmy’s [Tim Horton’s] bagel.  He had cream cheese all over his lips, and he wasn’t really dressed like he was a slob.  He ate the whole thing right there, while talking to me at the counter.  Just really hungry I assume?

Eww.  On that note, here’s Nickelback.


  1. I’ve never worked retail but mine is people who talk on their mobiles throughout a transaction – did no one teach them any fing manners?! So rude to treat the person serving you as if they weren’t there. Rant over.


    1. Cell phones were common towards the end of my record store days, so this happened to me all the time. I used to play stupid as much as I could. I used to pretend I couldn’t tell what the customer was trying to get me to do, until they talked to me. I’d take the CDs they wanted to purchase and set them up on a listening station to listen to.

      “Oh, I thought you wanted to listen to these, because you didn’t respond when I asked if you were buying these.”

      Just purposely be stupid back, since they’re being so rude.


      1. To add to the eating/phone, wearing headphones during a transaction isn’t cool. They really aren’t that challenging to remove. And taking out one is almost worse as it signals ‘I respect you half as much as I should’

        Here’s to the enlightened customer that takes out both earbuds, puts the phone away and puts the snack on hold!


  2. That’s so grose. Where’s the manners? Chewing with mouth open. You should have picked your nose in front of him and threw the bugger in there while he was chewing… ;-)
    That said, the Nickelback song is just awesome and so is the album, Dark Horse.


  3. I get this all the time working with 21 year-olds…I’ll be talking to them, and they are staring at their phones. Then I’ll meet with someone over 40 who will not put their phone to vibrate. I swear, people can be ignorant!


  4. In my house my wife and 3 daughters have cell phones…I don’t own a cell phone, just a plain iPod !
    We still have a landline in our house so when the phone rings my daughters will tell me my cell is ringing!


    1. “We still have a land line…” I never thought I’d see the day somebody said that, but land lines are getting fewer while Bell and Rogers bills keep getting higher!


  5. Oh man, people’s mouths… I can’t even begin to describe the disgust… Even worse: popcorn in the movie theater. You’d think people were born in barns.

    I’ve had a cell phone for a year. Resisted it. Hell, I resisted an answering machine. If I’m not home, call me back. But the cell is for emergencies, my wife commutes to work. It has its uses. Just the other day, Lebrain was able to Wiki something for me, turned out I had the rare track already and didn’t need to buy an LP I’d found. Right on.

    Also Dude, I think you lose karma points for linking to Nickelback, don’t you?


      1. Ah, c’mon now, guys. You really loathe that band that much? I don’t get it, I think they’r great and that song is a heavy hard rock tune, very catchy. I’d give Dark Horse 9/10. Fantastic album.


        1. Jon I have to be honest — it’s more the lyrics and singing than the songs themselves. And there’s also the Canadian perspective — these guys are so huge here that I hear Nickelback songs on the radio, or a song with Chad on it, about 5 times a day. It’s ridonkulous. We both know that overexposure can really burn a band out on some people. Who knows maybe if you were here and I was there, we’d feel opposite!


        2. Hehe. yeah, I kinda guessed. That happened with Europe in Sweden around 1986 / 1987 as well. No one wanted to know, but they sure as hell drew a ridicolously huge crowd. And they were all over the media all the time. You wanted throw up everytime someone showed Joey Tempest’s face in a mag or on TV.
          Still, Nickelback is huge here as well and the play their songs on the radio all the time. But I hardly ever listen to radio so…


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