Part 268 / REVIEW: “Lie”

Part 2 of a 2 part series.  For yesterday’s part, a review of the AWAKE album, click here.

Not only is this Part 2 of the Dream Theater review, but also a nice way to introduce THE WEEK OF SINGLES 2!  From Monday through Saturday, we’ll be taking a look at some rare singles.  Today’s is Dream Theater’s “Lie”.


DREAM THEATER – “Lie”:  This single was given to me by a customer named Ed. He was one of my earliest customers, very much intro progressive rock and heavy metal. He was a couple years older than me, with ginger hair and big big “Bubbles” glasses.

I had seen a copy in Toronto, at the big HMV store at 333 Yonge St. For whatever stupid reason, I chose to pass on it. Maybe it was the price. When I got back to Kitchener, I tried to order a copy from Encore Records but they reported to me that it was deleted. I then tried to order it from, who had it on back order for months before they too told me they could not get any more.

There were a couple good reasons to need this single:

1. The unreleased bonus track “To Live Forever”.

2. The hard to find live track “Another Day” which was only on the very rare (very expensive) Japanese release of the Live at the Marquee EP.

While discussing Dream Theater albums with Ed one day in ’97, I explained my frustration at not owning this single.

“I have two copies,” Ed said. “I bought it when it came out, and there were two CDs in the same case.”

“Really?” I exclaimed. “Any chance you want to let one go?”

“I’ll think about it,” Ed said. “I don’t have two cases, just two CDs, and I don’t need the second one.”

“I’ll be happy to take that off your hands,” I answered.

Ed did indeed give me his extra copy of the CD. Even without the case and cover art, I was satisfied. I bought an empty 2 CD case to put my copy of Awake in, with the “Lie” single as a “bonus CD”. Not exactly the ideal for a collector like me, but it’s an original physical CD copy and that’ll do.

DT_0002“To Live Forever” was an obvious choice as a B-side, in comparison to the better tracks on Awake. It’s similar to, but not as spectacular as the mellow songs like “Lifting Shadows” or “Innocence Faded”. The live “Another Day” on the other hand is every bit as good as the Live at the Marquee CD. This single saves me from having to track down a Japanese copy!  Thanks, Dream Theater.

From the album itself comes the incredible Kevin Moore song “Space-Dye Vest”.  As mentioned in yesterday’s review, that is my favourite song from Awake.  It defies categorizing, and it has a dark but glowing soul.  Also included is the single version of “Lie”, which is nice if you plan on making a mix CD.  The album track didn’t lend itself well to that, since it melds into other songs on the album.

I don’t know what happened to Ed. He’d mentioned he was losing interest in rock music. I guess that can happen, inconceivable as it is to me!  He bought a bit of classical stuff, but I stopped seeing him towards the end.  Maybe Ed will stumble upon this blog, and I can thank him again for this great CD single.

Thanks Ed.

5/5 stars


    1. It’s great isn’t it? I’m glad you tweeked to it as well. It’s very different for this band and I think very special. They’ve only played it live once or twice…very rarely (for the 20th anniversary of the album).


    2. It’s OK, I only got the 2CD Greatest Hit set a couple of weeks ago, and that was my first-ever DT in my collection. It is an excellent set, by the way, if you’re looking for the gateway…


  1. That’s a weird way to bag a rare CD. I like what you did with it too. Created your own wee deluxe edition! A true rarity! There’ll be people looking at your photos thinking “I don’t remember a double disc edition of Awake being released! Aarrghhh I want!”

    And yay for Singles Week 2!


    1. Thanks man! I still do this “2 CD set” thing all the time. You know those crappy promo singles that don’t come with a case? This is the best way to store them. Just put them in with the album they come from.

      At the store I even did this and bumped the price up a couple bucks.


        1. Yeah, great example! That’s exactly how I used to do it. When I burn iTunes bonus tracks, that’s how I file them too. That way it’s all in one case.


  2. Man I think the majority of my Iron Maiden CD’s were homemade double albums with all the singles and extras they had going on those double CD trays were a Godsend…

    As inconceivable to me also, many people really do move on. I had a close mate who introduced me to Soundgarden about their BadMotorFinger period, we shared some good times rocking out to those records but only within a couple years later he said it was all sounding dated and moved into different genres never to return!?

    The majority of those fans that bought up the squillion selling records of our past are gone. Most those were bought to enjoy a moment! Sure they were fans at the time, but a lot of them a fan of the moment and what it brought them, not just said record. A lot of people move on without a need or desire to return to the music one grew up on. It is what it is…

    And then there’s those of us who enjoy both the new and the old (Best Of Both Worlds?)

    I do wonder what ever became of Ed?

    Never heard this B-side glad I did – Awake was my fave Dream Theater record albeit it took some time to click \m/


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