Part 218: Liquor and Whores

RECORD STORE TALES Part 218:  Liquor and Whores

The year:  Early 2004.

A new original TV show was starting to make waves in Canada.  I hadn’t caught wind of it yet — I didn’t have cable back then — but our destinies would soon intertwine.  The catalyst was my old childhood and highschool friend, Scott.

Scott remembers the story much like I do.  He used to come into my store every Wednesday to visit and check out new arrivals.  He had just become addicted to this new TV show in question, and was spreading the word.  According to Scott:

“I was trying to get everybody into that show…90% success rate by the way.”

That doesn’t surprise me at all.  Because when you’re talking about a show as Canadian, as original, and as funny as Trailer Park Boys, the series sells itself.  Scott figured I would be an easy convert.  “I just knew you were a Rush fan,” he tells me.  It was the Rush connection that initially caught my attention.

Scott was talking to me at the front counter.  “Have you heard of Trailer Park Boys?” he asked me that day.  I hadn’t.  “It’s hilarious,” Scott continued.  “You have to see this guy Bubbles.  In the best episode, he meets Alex Lifeson from Rush.  He gets to go on stage with Rush, play guitar with Alex, and everything.  He’s actually a pretty good musician.”

Going into more detail, Scott explained:  “Do you remember that band, Sandbox?”  I did.  “Bubbles is played by a guy from that band.  He’s got these big thick glasses, always swearing…Bubbles is the best!”

I had seen Sandbox eight years earlier, opening for Barenaked Ladies actually.  I was really impressed by their show and their single “Curious”, so I picked up their album.  In fact I think their ambitious second album, 1997’s A Murder in the Glee Club, is among the finest albums our country has to offer.  Their lead vocalist was a guy named Paul Murray, nephew of Anne.

Wanna see what Bubbles would look like with a shaved head?  Watch this.

So I was in.  As soon as the first box set came into inventory, I bought it, without seeing a single episode.  Dandy ratted me out for buying two DVDs in one week (which was against the rules at the time), but once I got the discs home, I put on the first season.  I was hooked by the second episode.

Now that the boys are coming back for an 8th season on SwearNet, it’s never too late to get yourself hooked on this incredible show.  After all, if Axl Rose, Sebastian Bach, and Alex Lifeson are all fans, aren’t you curious what you’re missing?

See Guns N’ Roses play “Liquor and Whores” with Bubbles on vocals & guitar

Liquor and whoresSAM_0436
Liquor and whores
Cigarettes and dope and mustard and bologna
Liquor and whores

I went down
Drinkin’ at the legion
I met a girl she was nice
She was pretty and pleasing

She said “Hey boy
We should do some marrying”
I said sure but before we do
There’s something that you should know

I like
Liquor and whores
Liquor and whores
Cigarettes and dope and mustard and bologna
Liquor and whores…

Then one night down at the legion
She walked in, I was drunk on gin
Dancin with a lady friend
She said hey boy, You’d better fly the fuck home
I said no cause five little words I coulda
Swore I said to you

I like
Liquor and whores
Liquor and whores
Cigarettes and dope and mustard and bologna
Liquor and whores…


  1. Man, Sandbox. I hadn’t thought about them in a long while. Like, university days. Half a lifetime ago. Dammit Mike, you always do this to me!

    I still need to watch all the seasons of TPB I have here. I mean, I got all of them new for $5 each. How much easier could it possibly get? What? The time to watch them? Ohhhh… yeah, that’s the trick… I’ll get there. I swear I will. And you’ll keep posting about how awesome they are and telling me to get off my ass. Right? Right. At some point, this in itself has to become a running joke, ya know?


    1. Hahah! I really have nothing to add to this statement! I believe you can get into it slow though. Watch a couple episodes this weekend (it’s always summer in Sunnyvale) and whenever you can spare 20 minutes.


  2. I was intrigued by Murder in the glee club (the lead single Carry was quite catchy), foolishly never got it though. That’s really funny with Sandox & TPB – I remembered the Anne Murray nephew connection but had no idea Bubbles was on the guitar. Right up there (with the ‘did you know Tom Green was in the Check the O.R. video?!’) on the list of Canadian music/comedy surprises!


    1. Unfortunately that album is harder to find these days — $20 on Discogs currently! But even harder to find is their EP “Mask Man” which I have never seen.

      It’s a great album man. It blew me away from first listen, and Carry isn’t even one of the best ones!


        1. The yellow tape, that was an actual tape right?

          My sister is the expert on BNL, not me, but I believe there were two tapes, a yellow and a lesser known red. And I believe the yellow tape was released on a limited edition CD called Barenaked Lunch, which I know she has.

          If you’d like me to find out more I certainly will!


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