Part 273: Purp Ate My Balls Redux: Special Edition

Purp Ate My Balls Redux: Special Edition

I am thrilled to have discovered all the missing pictures of the infamous “Purp Ate My Balls” gallery.  This isn’t everyone who owned the shirt, just the ones who took pictures.

What’s the “Purp Ate My Balls” shirt?  Well, to quote the original story, Part 227:

10 years ago my online handle was “Purpendicular.”  (Gee, where did I get that name from?)  ”Purp” made a good short-form nickname.  For whatever reason…and believe me I wish I could remember…Sarge decided to make and give out 40 or 50 “Purp Ate My Balls” shirts!  He gave them to all his shop employees (Metal Fatigue in Bournemouth) and I’m pretty sure all the Klopeks ended up with them too.

Here’s a whole lotta pictures of English people wearing me on their shirts!

I also found the original photo that started it all!




  1. Surprised $immon$ did not send you a cease and desist order after sticking out the tongue and flashing the horns!!!! And running off a bunch of t shirts as well….


  2. Or Sarzo licking his bass….funny dumb story when QR played here I went down to,the front to check out Sarzo up close and he was basing away on his Fender and a few of us in front did the old raise your hand thing and me being 6’1 I had a bit of height on others around me well anyways he came right infront of me I had my raised and he did the ol lick and hand slapped me….I turned around and my buddies were roaring with laughter….
    I was like “what the fuck did I do that for” and than I retreated back to the bar …..


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