VIDEO: The Cottage in the Woods 2


If you missed the original story about the Cottage in the Woods, please check out Record Store Tales Part 308.

Another long weekend in Canada has come and gone.  This time we came with a side mission: visiting Condor Fine Books in Kincardine, Ontario.  We’ve been going there for years, and the owner is a really nice guy.  He has a crazy selection of old and interesting books, with a healthy section on UFOs and the paranormal.  That’s alright by me.

I hope you enjoy my latest video, with book finds and lots of scenery.

11 thoughts on “VIDEO: The Cottage in the Woods 2

    1. I did that for you, I even tagged it “cupface”!

      You have to check out Condor Books. They don’t have much to see online but they do have a Facebook. Amazing store. Up front he has a showcase with his really rare books. The rest of the store is stacked with awesome. I never fail to find something cool.


      1. Haha, saw the tag! :D

        I just finished telling K we’ll have to check out condor sometime! I’m a bit of a book hoarder so when I told him they sell books he sort of gave me “that look”…


        1. He buys books too! In fact I have bought many there only to sell them a few years later for new ones. Absolutely check them out if you’re in the area. I would say a trip to Bruce county is incomplete without a trip to Condor Books. We always find lots of goodness and the owner is awesome.


  1. Mmmmm bison. So good. Dammit now I wanna bison burger from the Yard & Flagon on Broadway in Saskatoon. With a pint of Guiness.

    We don’t (hardly ever) make it that far west around the lake, but I’m all for good book stores. Does he sell sf too?


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