PREVIEW: The Next LeBrain

Dear readers,

As you are aware, the original Record Store Tales are almost done.   There are only a few sub-chapters left in Part 320: End of the Line.  I believe that, taken as a body of work and not cherry-picking bits and pieces, that it is a story of human frailty but also human strength and survival.  There are laughs, and there are tunes.  Lots and lots of good tunes.

Even though the entire story is almost told, I will continue telling tales of life’s absurdities.  These Post-Record Store Tales (if you will) are already being written and are ready to be rolled out!  The title, as suggested by you, will be revealed soon.

I just needed a new mascot.  I felt that the old GI Joe LeBrain had run his course.  Finding a new mascot, a new LeBrain, was a bit of a quest but I’ve finally settled on one.  May I present to you:



Yes, it’s Simon Pegg.



  1. Enter the Pegg!

    First thrash track I ever liked … pure genius! Genuinely terrifying dudes too. He even makes headbanging whilst sitting down look cool.


      1. They were hated in the hardcore punk scene in their early days because they and their followers would just totally take over any venue/show they played at and just lay it to waste.


        1. He certainly is, and oddly silent in all of this. I think he’s just letting us go, seeing how fearful we really are, how much homage we actually pay. Well, it’s paid in full! ALL HAILL OUR MIGHTY HMO! :)


        2. I have a love of coffee, and an affinity for candy. Though, I don’t eat much candy these days, I love candy. I am waiting to grow out of it!


  2. I thought that you and your missus were pregnant and was all ready to roll out the congratulations mat.
    I’m disappointed now
    Oh wait… Suicidal Tendencies.


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