GALLERY: Piles and Piles of Music

Nothing like getting a re-organizing project going, eh?  Especially when you’re a music lover like we all are.  Here are some pictures of things as they are now, before I begin.   The reason there are so many piles of discs out is because I’m out of storage space.  I will cleverly re-organize and create space, but the long term solution is that I’ll have more room when we move.  That plan has been delayed due to Jen’s illness but we’ll get there.

In the meantime, organizing and handling the physical product is really a labor of love.  It’s work too, but it’s a lot of fun.  It gives me an excuse to spend time with some old friends for a few hours!

You’ll probably recognize a few of the titles visible below from recent reviews!


  1. This is as close as I’ve come to a tour of your mission control! Every time i come to your town I think ‘hm, maybe this time…’ but not yet! You guys get new digs, maybe then I can pay admission and get the tour. :)

    Man, all I wanna do is somehow press my forehead against each of those stacks and have it all sink into my brain in some sort of Rawk Osmosis process.

    Also, WTF Simon Pegg. Laying down on the frickin’ job!

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  2. Also, dammit Lebrain, now you make me wanna get down there and reorganize our library! Well, OK, it’s an extra bedroom, down in the basement, given over to storage of all our media formats (books-DVDs-LPs-CDs-casettes, all of it). At one point, I had it all done. But then we went to taranna, and I got all of those LPs from Craig, and I’ve added other stuff, and… yeah, it’s all messed up again.


    1. I organized it with T-Rev once, about years ago…that was fun. Then I did it with Jen about 5 years ago. But other than that, organizing my music for me is a solitary endevour. I love doing it, but few others wanna help!

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      1. Man, I would LOVE to help organize a collection on that scale. You maybe have no idea. I am (seemingly) always doing mine. But someone else’s? That’s a two-fer – organizing AND getting to see all the stuffs. Oh yes.

        There’s probably a medical term for this…


  3. Those are some pretty intense photos right there. They truly show the depth and commitment to The Rock, and the CD media, that you have! Trying to bring these into focus is a yeoman effort on your part. Thanks for sharing so much great Rock.


      1. Oooo exciting!!
        BTW, I have about 60 emails to look through today all from our little group. I don’t think my account has seen so much activity. All to say, I am present – just not yesterday ;)


  4. Quite the job here! And I hope that Jen will recover from whatever is ailing her and start feeling better. From all you’ve mentioned of her, she sounds like a real gem.


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