NEWS: Phil Rudd of AC/DC update


It appears as if the two people Phil Rudd was “attempting to procure a murder” for were hookers.  Err, “working girls” according to the mainstream media.

Those charges have been DROPPED.

He still faces the drug charges, and charges of making threats.

Meanwhile, AC/DC have said that the Rock Or Bust album and tour will proceed on schedule, with or without Phil Rudd.  I hope Simon Wright and Chris Slade have their phones charged.



  1. Nothing like getting all the facts straight before arresting someone.
    As for Phil Rudd, his life seems real sad. I read his fortune is worth roughly $60 million dollars. He lives in a mansion, drives Ferraris, and plays drums in one of the best bands ever. And, oh yeah, he does meth and spends an average man’s yearly salary on hookers.
    I hope this latest arrest is what gets him to drop that lifestyle. He has been let off of crimes too many times in the past, probably because of his fame and wealth. He apparently tried to kill his ex wife in 2008, had drug charges dropped, lied about his drug use when renewing his helicopter license. So he feels entitled. Now the biggest charge in this case is dropped.
    I think it is time for tough love. If Black Sabbath can go on tour without Bill Ward (Tommy Clufetos-tour and Brad Wilk-Album filled in nicely), and AC/DC have already replaced Malcolm Young, then it is time for Phil Rudd to be fired. And then told that if he ditches the hookers and the drugs for good, then he can get back in. He will get royalties from the album sales but none from the tour(this will make the other band members more money, and they can pay the new drummer much less). If he can stay clean, and prove it with drug tests, then he can get back in. So many rock stars would still be alive today if this formula was followed.

    P.S AC/DC. I hear Tommy Lee is looking for a gig. Perhaps Vince Neil could be the opening act. Sixx AM next on stage. Then AC/DC with an impromptu Motley Crue song mixed in. HMMMMMMM. Sounds like a pretty sweet concert to me.

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    1. Brian, thanks for the detailed comment. I was not previously aware of Phil’s previous legal woes aside from a pot bust.

      Meth though? That’s toxic stuff. Nobody should be putting that in their system. Maybe it belonged to the prostitutes. Doubt it though.


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