#334: Tyler and LeBrain episode one – “Nickelback” (VIDEO)



#334: Tyler and LeBrain – episode one – “Nickelback”

Please welcome fellow Sausagefester, Dave FM listener, and lover of leather-clad blues-infested classic rock and roll:  Tyler.  We’ve decided to team up for musical commentary on a few different topics.  Today’s subject:


Hope you enjoy, and comment here for discussion.



  1. I hate to admit but I have two early Nickelback albums. I thought they were decent rockers back then. They had some good songs in my opinion. Rocking, thought provoking lyrics about spouse abuse etc., and the vocals and guitar were more raw. If they had followed the direction of those early albums, and sang songs with some substance, they would not have as been as rich and famous, but they would have had at least a shred of integrity.
    They are way too polished now, and their lyrics are idiotic. I can only relate Nickelback, and especially Chad Kroeger to the musical version of the creepy old flasher that hangs around kiddie playgrounds wearing an overcoat. I feel like I should clean myself after hearing many of their songs now. Some 40 something year old dude singing about being in the back seat of a car with a young girl and her father chasing after them outside the car is just creepy.

    Perhaps a Getting More Tales report could be done on the CRTC rules and how they force rock radio stations to play Nickelback and other crap Canadian bands over and over while others that should be played are never on the radio. I would love for like minded individuals that love music to be able to direct the CRTC to music we like, and soften the rules on radio stations to allow for more flexibility in the content that goes on the air.

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    1. I’m not really all that knowledgeable or even all that interested in the CRTC. It’s just a non-entity in my life. I don’t really have problems with CanCon. It would be nice to hear more Kick Axe on the radio instead of Loverboy, but that’s not up to the CRTC, that’s up to the individual stations.


  2. Honestly, I am not terribly familiar with Nickelback’s repertoire. I’ve heard that photograph song on the radio, and that’s about it. K doesn’t have any of their albums…I’m aware of the reputation, and the love/hate…and maybe that has skewed my lack of listening…I don’t know. My sis and bro-in-law LOVE Nickelback. Fine by me. I just haven’t listened to a single album of theirs.

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    1. Maybe next time you talk to them, you should ask “WHY do you like Nickelback?” Give Tyler and I something to work with next time.

      Next installment will probably be Monster Truck. We recorded an hour of stuff that I need to sift through. I felt 5 minutes was enough for one installment. Do you have any feelings on the length?


      1. My sis likes it because she finds the tunes catchy and singable. She also listens to everything my 14 yr old niece listens to, so keep that in mind…

        Length of a recording… it depends on the subject matter and what was said. Five minutes seemed appropriate for a Nickelback rant.


        1. Cool! As I was saying to A, we recorded 75 minutes of stuff but I only recorded 3 “endings” so I’ll have to recycle them a bit.

          I could see 14 year olds thinking this was good music. When I was 14, I hadn’t heard Zeppelin.

          Zeppelin is one of the subjects we do discuss…I hope you guys enjoy it.


  3. But if they suck that bad, how are they so popular? There are so many bands that suck so hard and they disappear (deservedly) so quickly they don’t even have time to get their hair together. And yet Nickelback keeps making record after record. If it’s so popular to hate on these guys, who the hell is listening to them and buying their records, then?

    I’m not defending them, I don’t really care for that sort of thing either. I owned a copy of The State way back in the day, bought on spec and sold next round so I could buy more new music. I’ve heard tracks here and there since, but none of it ever really appealed. I’m just curious, though. They’re selling enough records to do big tours and marry other famous people. Surely SOMEBODY out there likes them. I don’t know anyone who listens to them, so who the hell are these people buying the records?


    1. That’s a great question that we never really addressed in our talk. But you know, Jon Wilmenius likes these guys, and I respect his opinions. Maybe he’ll have something more positive to say than Tyler and I did :)


        1. I appreciate his perspective because he’s a Nickelback fan who likes and hates a lot of the same stuff I do…it’s where we differ that we can learn from each other.

          I may be wrong, and maybe we did talk about it in the recording, but I have to sift through the whole thing. I have 75 minutes recorded.

          How did you feel about the roughly 5 minute length for this?


        1. Don’t forget to tip your server, he’ll be here all weeks folks!

          Good I thought 5 was about the limit of my own attention span. Unfortunately we only recorded 3 “endings” so I’ll have to recycle them a few times until we record again!


      1. Maybe I don’t like it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no chick, but I reckon she’s wearing a bit too much eye make-up there. Or maybe she should just invest in some WeepNwail proof mascara.

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        1. I hope you weigh in with a comment on the next one. We definitely want feedback on it, with the continuation of this Nickelback discussion, as there is some disagreement in our circles.


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