GALLERY: Alice Cooper vs. the Decepticons

In Getting More Tale #347.5: Days of Christmas Past, you may recall our good buddy Aaron sent me another Mystery Aaron Mail (M.A.M.) parcel.  It finally arrived, several days behind schedule, but safe and sound which is the main thing.  With Aaron’s encouraging “Give’r!” I tore into the packaging, to discover the treasure seen below.

Raise the Dead – Live From Wacken is Alice Cooper’s latest offering, one I had been excited to get!  One thing you have to credit Alice Cooper with is changing up his setlist tour after tour.  No two tours offer the same highlights, hits and surprises.  At a glance, I can see this 2 CD/1 Blu-ray set contains the following interesting choices:  “House of Fire” from  1989’s Trash, “Caffeine” from the recent Welcome 2 My Nightmare, the favourite “Department of Youth” from the original 1975 Nightmare, and oldies-but-goodies “Killer”, “Dwight Fry” and “Go To Hell”.  This is rounded out by numerous covers, perhaps from Alice’s soon-to-be-unleashed covers album?  “Break On Through” outta be good.

Finally this is Alice’s last release with Orianthi on guitar, who has since split to play with Richie Sambora.  I’m glad she has been captured live in concert in hi-def on Blu-ray.  Thank you, Aaron, for this gift!  The 2 CD format means that I can listen to it in the car, and the Blu-ray gives me Orianthi in 1080i hi-def, according to the specs!  There’s also a 20 minute interview and 5.1 surround mix.  Gonna be a rockin’ Christmas if this is any indication!

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This last set of pictures is a Christmas gift to myself, from myself!  I ordered this guy back on November 11, and he only just arrived today.  His name is Ratbat, and he is the Decepticon fuel auditor.  In the Marvel comics series, Ratbat emerged as a bureaucrat on Cybertron who eventually came to Earth and took leadership of the Decepticons,  a title he held for 11 issues of the series.  For this reason, and for the reason that he transforms into a cassette, he is always high on my collecting priority list.  I have a Masterpiece edition Soundwave figure, and I had five of his cassettes.  All but Ratbat.  Ratbat was only available with a special black Masterpiece Soundwave figure called Soundblaster.  Although I would love to, I can’t afford to buy the same toy over again in a different colour just to get Ratbat.  So I figured I’d never get one.

My buddy Jason then suggested I check out some the sellers on eBay, selling KO (knock-off) Ratbat figures.  Knock-off figures are exactly what the sound like.  Somebody copied the mold and made their own figures.  Some are shit quality.  Some are much better.  Ratbat is one of the figures.  There are two flaws in the paint of the cassette, but I’ve bought official Hasbro and Takara items new out of the package with similar flaws, so I can’t that’s particularly troublesome.  There was also a teeny tiny extra bit of plastic in the jetpack assembly that I had to lightly shave down in order to transform nice and straight.  Again, this can happen with a KO toy, but it can also happen with official Hasbro toys too.  Ratbat (KO) came with no box, but did come with a microcassette case, and only cost me $20 plus shipping from China.  MP13B Masterpiece Soundblaster, the official Takara release including Ratbat, is “on sale” right now at Big Bad Toy Store for $129.99, plus shipping.  I think I made a good choice.  Here’s Ratbat with Soundwave and all his cassette buddies!


  1. The AC set is a great gift. I’ve been eyeing it up myself. And shame that RatBat doesn’t come in blue (for extra Deep Purpleness)

    Interesting reading about the KO toys market. I had no idea there was such a thing!


    1. I’ve had mixed luck with the KO’s. In fact this is the first one I’ve been happy with. They really do vary in quality. It seems these KO’s of brand new toys are of better quality than KO’s of vintage toys.

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  2. Agree with Mr Overload there, the KO toys market is something I wasn’t aware of. That said, I have spotted loads of cheap soldier action figures that I swear look like Gears of War characters!


    1. The KO market is huge, controversial, and weird! And here’s the thing — you can buy KO Transformers that Hasbro and Takara themselves DO NOT have molds for. The original molds are damaged beyond repair with some toys, so Hasbro have said they can never reissue them…but I can go on eBay and buy a brand new KO.

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        1. Yeah molds were doubtless stolen in the past. Today, I’m sure the KO business works differently. You can probably make a KO today with a 3D printer, and molds too.

          If you want to know more about this KO stuff, there’s a great youtube channel by a guy named TheCollector75, and he is awesome. He has original toys too but he has a giant KO collection.

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  3. Hooray I’m so glad it (FINALLY) arrived at your headquarters, and intact! What an adventure that was. Canada Post really dropped the ball this holiday season – other things (gifts for other people) which I received here looked like they’d been chewed by large dogs prior to delivery. The envelope in which Alice arrived here had been ripped entirely open (!) and the only thing holding in the contents were two thin, blue elastic bands that someone thoughtfully wrapped around the parcel before delivery. I’m lucky the damn thing was even in there, and so are you!

    I’m also really happy this is one you were wanting and hadn’t already got it. My thanks to Mrs. Lebrain for the help and advice on this mission! I hope it lives up to all expectations! Happy ho ho ho MOFO!

    Also the Ratbat is cool. I think Alice would approve. A rat and a bat TOGETHER? And they look look like cassette tapes? Dammit, that’s a dream stage prop for him! Somebody get Alice on the phone…

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    1. Wow I got lucky with that Alice then. I’m really thankful for it! I’ll be eager to check out the blu-ray portion as soon as possible. Orianthi is just lovely. The CD portion was amazing.


        1. It’ll happen. The holidays are the best time for me to sit down and watch something. I’m actually working on my Journey review from my Christmas scores! And I have a Christmas score review coming tomorrow too!


  4. I got the Live from Wacken when it was released, but have yet to see the DVD. I don’t have a blu-ray player yet, but hopefully soon…The CD set is amazing, though. It’s like reliving last year’s show (which it is). When you see Sheryl (Alice’s wife) dancing around, just remember this woman is 58 – she’s amazingly limber, and very funny! This year she nearly stole the show during “The Ballad of Dwight Fry”. When she gets him in a headlock and licks his face, wow! One of the other VIP fans I was with this year asked him about that, and he said Sheryl is the only one allowed to do that. Well, duh…

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    1. So we’re currently in the same boat, neither of us have watched the DVD yet. I’ll get there, hopefully during holidays!

      That’s a cool story about Sheryl. When I saw him live, Calico was the dancer. I didn’t even know Sheryl still did that!


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