#356: Cassingles

Aaron at the KMA and I have coordinated posts today about cassette singles!  If you can’t get enough, click here for his!  Geoff at the 1001 has also thrown his hat into the ring, and you can see his cassettes here!

RECORD STORE TALES MkII: Getting More Tale #356: Cassingles

Cassingle (noun): “cassette single”, a musical single release, usually consisting of two songs, on the cassette format.

A couple years ago, my parents found in their basement something I had lost and presumed would never see again: an old shoebox full of my old cassette singles!  This was especially valuable to me, because a couple of those cassettes have exclusive tracks on them that have never been released on any other format.  Helix’s “Good to the Last Drop” is one such single.  Van Halen’s “Right Now” is another.

The shoebox also contained my prized cassette copy of the Sonic Temple Collection by The Cult.  Buy cassette one (“Fire Woman”) and you can send away for the box.  Buy cassette two (“Edie”) and you get three Cult cards.  Buy cassette three (“Sweet Soul Sister”), and you can send away for a Sonic Temple pin.  (Which I still have, just not handy for a picture.)

There are some tapes that I know I’m missing.  They include three by Warrant:  “Cherry Pie”, “I Saw Red”, and the horrid “We Will Rock You”, which I probably sold at garage sales when I temporarily disowned Warrant in the 1990’s!  I could also swear that I owned Extreme’s “More Than Words”, but I don’t know what happened to that one.  I’m not worried about it since the B-side remix track is being reissued on the deluxe edition of the Pornograffitti album.  Maybe I gave it to Crazy Thunder Bay Girl!

Check out what remains of my cassingle collection below.



  1. Holy Crap HMO,your on a comedic roll today! Hahahaha…actually Mikey your Anti Warranr Crusade in the mid 90s would be a great story! I second that motion your Honor! I mean HMO!

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  2. Awesome! I didn’t have a lot of cassingles back in the day but I seem to remember “Epic” by Faith No More and Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” passing through my paws.

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  3. These are great! You still have way more than I do, though if my whole collection were in one place it might look like that… but not as much of the rawk, of course.

    That Cult set is gorgeous! Haha when was the last time you sent in a mail-n order for anything?

    Also love the Blue Rodeo cassingle. YES!

    Well done, sir. This was great fun. Thanks for the collab!

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    1. Brian Zinger sent me a photo of his cassette singles and then I realized two more are missing: Def Leppard Let’s Get Rocked, and Make Love Like A Man. I have them on CD so no biggie, but I don’t remember getting rid of them!


  4. Hi, nice one, the Sonic Temple Collection cassette tapes with box. Looking around for that one for a while now. Would be a nice addition to the collection. Are you interested in selling or trading it. Cheers, Pat

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        1. Sweet site!! Is that your Cult tat? I’ll have to check it out some more.

          I have a real hard time parting with my stuff…lemme think a bit.


        2. Thanks for checking it out, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it some more. There’s a lot cool stuff to see. If you like you can leave a message in the guestbook :-)
          .The tat is mine indeed, i’m still happy with it.
          I appreciate you want to think a bit … i know what you mean … take your time.

          Cheers, Pat


        3. Hi again! How are you doing? I hope you had the time to think a bit about trading or selling your SonicTempleCollection? It still keeps my mind busy, adding that one to my collection would be so great! You can make me extremely happy! Hope to hear from you.
          Cheers, Pat
          ps the Electric beercan is still available for trading

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