#359.5: Adrift


#359.5: Adrift

I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday. I was convinced of it. Wishful thinking only. It’s only Wednesday and Mrs. LeBrain’s still got a long stay in the hospital ahead. Bachelor living isn’t as fun as I remember it from my single days.

I haven’t been able to get motivated to write music reviews. I managed to do an EP review last night, barely. I had disc 2 of  Queen Forever on in the car, still. Disc 2 is almost done but I think I’ll stick with Queen for a while. Freddie really helps brighten the mood.  In particular, 80’s Queen.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll listen to The Game.

As far as the hospital goes, Jen realized yesterday that she forgot her USB cable for her mp3 player, so she currently has no way to charge it. She can still get her rock on with Youtube on her laptop, or by streaming 107.5 Dave FM with the Corus app on her BlackBerry. Forgetting the cable is just one of those annoying things that serve to make her hospital stay a little more aggravating. It appears likely she’ll be there another week.

I’m heading back to Toronto this weekend, and I’m planning a record store shopping trip to go with it.  If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!  It’s too bad Jen has to stay in, but she’ll be home soon and pestering me to do laundry again before I know it!

*FYI, I did know that The Thing AKA Ben Grimm was Jewish.  I didn’t know any of the others though!


  1. You’ll get there, Dude! Only been a couple of days. What are you gonna be like after a week? Haha. No worries, it’s sweet.

    Glad the Queen helps. But again with the unfortunate video image. Man you sure do pick ’em hahahaaa!

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  2. I hope she is feeling better soon. I was admitted to the hospital in November and I made the ambulance driver pack my IPad cord and charger first. He knew better than argue. I wasn’t gonna be cooped up and lose the outside world. I had my priorities squared.

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  3. Hang in there brother! Don’t worry about the reviews man,take a break we can all step up and put out a few extras and in Aaron’s case I’m sure he can post about a 1,000 things …dude is the Terminator of blog ville ! …Hahahaha

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        1. Leafs have been getting verbally hammered at work as there’s a ton of em everywhere! I predict they will,not score more than 20 goals between now and April! Hahahaha

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        2. Sadly that is exactly what will happen if this continues.

          It’s pathetic. I’ve only been watching this team for about six years, but this is the third time I’ve had to see this happen!

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  4. Get well soon Mrs. LeBrain – and not to worry about the reviews, I’m a believer in reviewing when motivation strikes.
    Nothin’ wrong with a bit of Freddie, your ‘living supergroup’ was a challenge because he would be my go to front-man if allowed!

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