#786: R.I.P. The (Flying) Spatula

“It is with sadness that we announce that as of October 27, 2019, The Spatula Diner will be closing its doors.”


Sadness?  For the staff, surely.  For us, it’s more like mixed emotions.  Yes, the Sausagefest crew has enjoyed breakfast there for almost two decades.  We hadn’t planned on returning in 2020 even before the closure.  A shrunken menu and poor service made up our minds for us.  Our favourite meal was the breakfast monstrosity known as the Flesherton Fillup.  Under new management, it ceased to exist.  Remember when Uncle Meat had this conversation in July with the server?

“When did you get rid of the Flesherton Fillup?” he asked.

“Oh, we haven’t had that in a long time,” she responded.

“We were here last year and you had it then, I’m just surprised,” said Meat.

Condescendingly she answered, “Isn’t a year a long time?”

Relatively, but when you’re in a location like Flesherton Ontario where the business is seasonal, expect to be asked that question more than once.

Admittedly, we could have been…more considerate as customers.  We could have called in advance to let them know they were about to be slammed by 30 hungry, sweaty guys.  I would have preferred to do it that way, but was shot down every time!

Goodbye, Flying Spatula.  Many a good steak-n-eggs and Flesherton Fillups were enjoyed there.  But your time had come and parting isn’t always such sweet sorrow.


  1. Hey, Harrison. I have a hypothetical situation for you. Suppose you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, a giant flying hot dog about 2 meters long comes floating down out of the sky. It hasno mouth or any other special features that you wouldn’t find on a normal hot dog, but somehow it can speak. Okay? It’s wearing a cowboy hat on the front of its body. It says, “Howdy, partner. Need a lift?” Then he throws over a cowboy outfit (ten gallon hat, chaps,a spurs, boots, etc.) with the force since he has no limbs. He tells you to put it on and he’ll give you a ride home. He says you have to stick your spurs in his side and he’ll neigh like a horse. Then you’ll both fly off. Do you take the ride?

    Actually, this is an open ended question to Harrison, LeBrain, LeBrain’s Dad, Aaron, T-Rev, Mrs. LeBrain, Deke, 2loud2oldmusic, 80smetalman, J., KK, Heavy Metal Overload, kingcrimsonprog, 1537, boppinsblog, BuriedonMars, Bonnie L, keepsmealive, Tokyo5, EmmaKWall, stephen1001, etc.

    I’ve been asking people this for years. It’s the ultimate personality test. I’ll explain when the answers flood in.

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        1. Very well, I shall keep that in mind when next ordering a salad. As for a reason to live? Simple, live albums are better than studio albums.

          And wait a minute, didn’t you talk about the return of your halloween series of reviews?


        2. I did a review for the Oingo Boingo album Dead Man’s Party. I thought LeBrain was gonna post it on the first Thursday of the month, but he didn’t. So I was confused and I didn’t know what was going on. I haven’t written anymore, but I don’t know.

          Here’s a sample. Great fucking album. Oingo Boingo rule, dude. That’s not really a big surprise though since their leader is the one and only Danny Elfman. Dark at the End of the Tunnel is another great Oingo Boingo album.

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        3. A banger from Dark at the End of the Tunnel. “Out of Control” is another good tune from that one, probably one of if not the best anti-suicide song I’ve ever heard. From a lyrical standpoint, it does a good job of not being condescending, but being empathetic at the same time. Look it up and rejoice.

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        4. Yeah, I sent it on October 1st. Check your email. I just sent it again. I can bang out two more really fast if you want to post them in succession in order to make up for the lost weeks.

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        5. OK we will get this rectified. I apologize — I neglect my emails far too often.

          I just finished adding the graphics to your first Halloween post and it’s locked and loaded!


    1. Dude, I’m just glad you enjoy the pics. The guys give me shit every year, you know. “Oh here comes the food paparazzi”. Yeah I’m one of those guys, but hey, if I didn’t know it, what else could I tempt John with?

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  2. It always sucks when restaurants take something you really like off the menu. We’ve experienced that ourselves when our local took smorhered chicken off their menu. It was Mrs 80smetalman’s favourite.

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      1. Basically, it’s just a chicken breast covered with melted cheese and bacon but my wife really likes it. I would like a copy of the CD so I guess I’ll send you a message on Facebook.


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