WTF Search Terms: Fan Favourites – D ‘RAGEQUIT’ edition


WTF Search Terms XXVI: Fan Favourites – D ‘RAGEQUIT’ edition

LeBrain readers may recall D’s experimental instrumental music from a couple reviews that I posted here last year. D wanted to take a guest shot at WTF Search Terms — the bizarre search terms that I sometimes find has brought people here to  From that heap of puzzlement and filth, D has picked his 10 favourites.  Enjoy!

1. gene simmons is a wanker

And a plonker, muppet, and bellend. I enjoy British swear words too!

2. film porno women shit and piss

This must have been a list of “to-do’s”

1. Film porno
2. Women?
3. Shit
4. And piss

3. animation whores weaing glasses acquire screwed 7

One of the failed operating systems programmed by Microsoft. Still not as bad as Vista.

4. i would like to hear a song on the cults weapon of choice album

Um, me too I guess. I’m more partial to their record Sonic Temple.

5. porn mcgangbang

The original name for McDonald’s Big Mac. Too bad they changed it, children could have learned some new vocabulary to tell mom and dad!

6. guy porn fuck she male real play mp4 down

Would you like some coffee with your LSD?

7. silent knight porn

The modern twist on an old Christmas classic!

8. Imanokoff

We are all nokoffs friend.

9. swedish made penis

Not interested, I like my Welsh penis just fine.

10. david lee roth in assless chaps

What the fuck is wrong with you man?!?!?! Nobody wants to see that. I’m still recovering from seeing the 2007 reunion concert and watching Diamond Dave balance a top hat on his ding-a-ling!!!! I’m not fucking kidding!!!!!

Thanks D for this disturbing installment of WTF Search Terms!  Check out his music at Mixolydian Blog!


      1. Me! I have a Mac, never gives me problems. My lovely wife has a Winblows laptop though, gives her nothing but problems.

        Not trying to start a Win v Mac battle here, it’s just you asked who doesn’t wanna blow up their computer sometimes? Well, me, for one. :)

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  1. Haha this is an awesome list.

    I’m remembering an ancient TV commercial (it would have to be ancient, if I saw it, since I haven’t had cable TV in my house since 1996-7) that was about cell phones, and the neighbour has a big military issue sat phone-looking monstrosity he says is a Russian make called the Imaknockoff. I don’t remember the company or anything else, but isn’t it amazing what crap sticks in the brain when surely more important things get forgotten?

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      1. Lunch? Not a friggin’ clue.

        I’m the living embodiment of that Calvin & Hobbes cartoon where the teacher asks him what Lewis & Clark did, and he says he doesn’t know but he can name all of his favourite super heroes’ secret identities. When she asks him to stay after class, he says “I’m not dumb, I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.” Yep, me and Calvin.

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  2. Wouldn’t ‘Silent Knight Porn’ be more about someone with the title ‘Sir’ having sex but not talking? Or groaning or making any other disgusting noises?


    1. It is neither bad, nor good. It is just is. All I can tell is there are more coming. And I haven’t even released the REALLY gross ones. I won’t subject you to those.


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