#375: VH Predictions FAIL!

#375: VH Predictions FAIL!

I like to think I’m such a know-it-all. Higher-than-thou, my musical knowledge trumps yours, etc. However when I’m wrong (it happens frequently), sometimes I’m colossally wrong.  Below is an example of me being completely, 100% totally wrong.  Although I’m glad I was.  When the Van Halen reunion with David Lee Roth was announced, I believed it would not last long.  I took the time to write out this list below.  With the live album coming, and the hot rumours of another tour, this is a great time to showcase one of my most colossal failures as a clairvoyant.


Date: 2007/02/08 07:10


10. Wolfgang Van Halen on bass means that there are three Van Halens in the band vs. one Lee Roth. David will feel outnumbered at every turn.

9. Wolfgang Van Halen, a 15 year old kid, is an untested property. Will it sound like the same band without the very recognizable Michael Anthony on bass?

8. No new songs, no new album, just another greatest hits (the third and most obvious rip off for your money). [NOTE: at the time Van Halen were planning to release a “best of DLR-era” CD, which was thankfully cancelled.]

7. David Lee Roth’s voice has been utterly destroyed since about 1991.

6. Eddie Van Halen is but a shadow of the man he once was. A raging alcoholic surrounded by yes-men, his guitar playing hasn’t touched upon brilliance in almost a decade. Throw his 15 year old son into the alcoholic tour and you have recipe for disaster.

5. Roth and the VH brothers haven’t gotten along in decades. The fact that the brothers recently attempted–and failed at–a reunion with Sammy Hagar before this indicates that this is a last-ditch effort to save the band. Not exactly the kind of motive to make a reunion happen.

4. Roth will say and do what he wants, much to the chagrin of the ultra-controlling VH brothers.

3. Alex VH’s spinal problems, while not heavily discussed, are probably only getting worse with time.

2. 40 dates isn’t much of a tour for a band of this stature.

1. Classic VH = Edward Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and Michael Anthony. Without Anthony, this is not classic Van Halen. This is in effect the fourth version of the band. VH-IV, if you like. That isn’t what I wanted to see on tour this summer.

I am glad to be have been proven wrong on this one. Van Halen has defied the odds and my predictions. I couldn’t be happier about it.



  1. Yeah and there’s that contract tour rider on the Smoking Gun webside that someone printed from the 2007 Tour that says Roths dressing room is to be at the furtherest point possible away from the VH brothers in the arena! Hahahaha….that for me says it all! Working Relationship = $$$$$$$$$$$. Personal Relationship=Nil…….

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    1. Heard that too. But regardless! They’re making it work! They made an album! A great album! NEVER saw that coming. I would have said you’re high if you told me that would happen.


  2. I had tickets for their Cleveland show which I think was the fifth stop on that tour and I was pretty sure I’d just pissed money away. Show was good but they had signs of rust, never thought they’d make it through the whole tour either


  3. Those are all valid predictions. I’m happy that you were wrong (I heard ADKOT thanks to our venerable HMO!) and that’s awesome. NOw with the vocal issues being talked about on the new live thing coming, maybe it’s best to still withhold judgement? I guess it’ll be what it’ll be, and if EVH is still plugging in and letting ‘er rip, you know we’ll be listening.

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    1. Yeah perhaps on the vocal front we need to withhold judgement. But Craig Fee saw ’em on the Toronto stop and swears up and down there was nothing wrong with DLR that night. He’s baffled as to why they are releasing Tokyo.


    1. Well Mike we can always hope more music is still coming. They are very secretive, all of them. DLR did an entire second album with John 5 and nobody knew until just recently. Maybe that will come out one day too.

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      1. The next album should be interesting cuz DKOT was pieced together with old school material. The next one I am guessing will be all new or mostly new stuff…

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