1. You guys are free to guess but I will not be acknowledging or offering any clues :) All I will say is that I have had (as usual) a lot of fun putting it together for you lovely, lovely people.


      1. Mike … I … just don’t have the words. That is quite literally the best thing I have ever seen, or will ever see, in my life. If I were to be struck blind right now I would have no regrets.

        It makes Dio – Last In Line, look like Lawrence of Arabia in comparison!

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        1. Take a look at the space ship. It’s a Millenium Falcon with a Star Destroyer glued to the front, and the fin from a Tyderian shuttle. Somebody bought a bunch of Star Wars kits (it was the early 80’s) and glued them together.

          My buddy Bob and I had favourite people in this video — most of all the bald guy who launches the missile, and then leaps from his chair when Thor arrives. We also liked the one warrior with the helmet that looks like a lizard head.

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        2. Hahaha I KNOW!! Everybody working away at their computer terminals! The extras are all quite hilarious. I notice a certain amount of sexism on Thor’s ship. It is crewed by his bandmates but the rest of the staff is entirely female!? How is a man supposed to get ahead in this future world?

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  1. I *want* it to a review of ‘Box Of Fire’ by that there Aerosmith. But whatever it is in reality will, I’m sure, be good. Unless you’re planning on beginning a bout of arson or something Mike. Then that’s not so great.

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