GALLERY: Sausagefest 2015 Prep

Summer is here.  To quote Glenn Frey, the heat is on. For me, the best part of summer is Sausagefest. I submitted my song list months ago. I have recorded my bits. I have also shorn my mane.  Unlike Samson, without my hair I am stronger!  In this summer heat, camped out in the Valley, hair is not an asset, even for a metal head.

Uncle Meat, Sausagefest’s esteemed music curator and co-founder, tells me that this year is a complete reboot. For the first time in years, they have ditched the exclusions list, so all songs were on the table for votes. In prior years, we would have a list of songs that had been used before that could not be voted for again. This year, even perennials like “Tom Sawyer” were up for votes. It’s going to be an interesting weekend.

As for actual prep, I’ve bought a new tent. I have my Coleman Biowipes. My cooler is at the ready and I bought a fucking machete.

Nine days til the rock!



  1. Shaved head! Attaboy! Now you look like Statham!

    I like that all songs are available. That’s gonna rock.

    And a tent! How posh!

    Also, dude, um… a machete? There a lot of undergrowth to hack through to get to the site? A lot of bears to chase off in the night? Did you seriously sit there last year and think’you know what, I need a goddamn machete. Next year, I’m bringing one!’ Haha what the hell?!?!

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    1. Exactly! It’s perfect to hack the branches, and carve out a shady spot in which to park my car and pitch my tent. I seem to have lost my cooking fork though, so I need to get one of those this weekend.


        1. Hahaha yes I’m afraid so! All recording and sequencing is done, complete, finished.

          I know that Jeff Woods and Craig Fee have recorded bits. I am sure others have too. Last year they got the guy from Orange Goblin to introduce a song!

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        2. I would like to hear those Jeff Woods and Craig Fee bits sometime if you have them, and could send them to me. That is awesome about the dude from Orange Goblin.
          P.S. There is a new product I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about. It might come in handy on this trip. I believe it is called beer. ;)

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        3. I heard that too!

          Sure when it’s done they will send me the bits, and I can send to you if you will keep them private. They record the bits knowing it’s for private use.

          Last year Woods roasted me. “Who the fuck is LeBrain? I’m the real legend of classic rock goddammit! ”

          We tried to get Munenori Kawasaki from the Blue Jays to record a bit, but he did not understand “Always pay your rock and roll taxes.”

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        4. No problem. I can send you some bits when I have the chance. Uncle Meat did an incredible and hilarious version of American Pie, called American Lie. He wrote all new lyrics. You may know how long that song is? And it’s all lyrics. He worked on that sucker and he’s rightfully proud of it.

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        5. You know many dudes from Helix. They would be great to give a shout out for next year. Brian Vollmer givin’ you an R, leading into the playing of Rock You would kick some serious ass.


        6. I take it he didn’t show. Perhaps a new song of his could be debuted at Sausagefest 2016. I’m not sure exactly what he is doing now, but I am sure it’s been a while since a new song.

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        1. Mike Patton changed the words to War Pigs live. He changed “Day of Judgement, God is calling,” to “Mla mla mla mla mla mla mla mlkaaaaaahogiffggg!”


  2. I had to go back and read what Sausagefest was all about. It sounds awesome! I got out camping in Algonquin with my good friends from way back every October and it sounds similar, minus the top 100: lots of beer, meat, and laughs. Enjoy!

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    1. So fun man! This year the songs have been cut. 75 was the target but I hear that because of the great songs coming they couldn’t narrow it down that far. It’ll be a Top 78 or something!

      Just because of the amount of skits and tunes, the nights often run to 3 am and people fall asleep. So we needed to shorten the nights.

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      1. Yeah. We used to drink until sunrise but most of us can’t make it that late any more. Age happens to the best of us.


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