1. Hey Mike

    Thanks for thinking of us up here on the frozen tundra! Yes, we are enjoying the day off here…..

    I’ve spent last few hours searching for REO Speedwagon “You Get What You Play For” (VINYL rip!)……

    Yeah…..long story….used to have the double vinyl – put on cassette a 1000 years ago and then on CD. But every time I listened to it, I just thought there must be a better rip out there. A few years ago I found a RM Japanese (CD) version and DL it……man it is awful!!! All treble and very little bass…..

    Anyhow, that’s what I’m on the hunt for if you have any tips/link/pointers………

    Also looking for Kiss “Unholy Kisses” bootleg – supposed to be a good one. I had a quick search a few weeks ago and couldn’t get anything quick. But I will try again.

    So how the hell u been keeping anyway? I’m sure u r gearing up for your big holiday weekend.

    Looking for anything these days??

    BTW – I haven’t forgotten about your Brampton Beast request. I apologize for not getting it together this season. To say there has been some changes in my life is an understatement……got divorced in the fall, moved to new condo in Oct (with new GF – now fiancé!)……..so it’s been a real world wind. Hopefully I can get down there in the fall and get a puck for u.



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