VIDEOS: Force Friday unboxings! (Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures)


Force Friday came and went without a hitch (for me). It was only the unboxing videos that caused me problems!

I understand quite a few people came away disappointed.  I did not.  I was hunting for only one type of Star Wars toy: The Black Series 6″ figures, which readers here know I collect almost religiously. I’ve posted lots of pictures of the opened portion of my collection. They can be found here, here, here, and here. They are just awesome figures that we would have died to have back in the 70’s.

The first wave of 6″ figures from The Force Awakens consists of:

01 – Finn
02 – Rey & BB-8
03 – Kylo Ren
04 – First Order Stormtrooper
05 – Chewbacca

Going in with a game plan, I decided to skip Chewie.  (Iron Maiden’s newest was also released on Force Friday, cutting into the budget.)  A re-sculpt of an older figure I already have wasn’t a priority, and I don’t like his new face. I also aimed to get two each of Rey, Kylo and Stormie, because I wanted one of each of those to open and play with!  (The next wave looks to include Captain Phasma and General Hux.  We’re also expecting a Tattooine Luke, and a Kanan from Star Wars Rebels.  Count me in for those.  But where is Threepio?)

Unboxing #1: Kylo Ren

Unboxing #2: First Order Stormtrooper (technical difficulties!)

Unboxing #3: Rey & BB-8


  1. (recorded live, for broadcast)

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, if you’ll direct your attention to the small stage at the front of the room, we’d like to welcome you to Open Mic Poetry Night here at Ladano’s… First up, please welcome long-time regular, and proprieter, Mike… (polite clapping)…

    Finn Rey BB-8,
    Kylo Ren Chewie;

    Phasma Stormie Luke,
    Kanan Threepio Hux.

    (more clapping)

    Thank you, thank you very much.

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      1. Will you go on a ‘media blackout’ to avoid reading reviews of the film before seeing? Especially given our UK friends are not only ahead of us by several hours in terms of time zones but now also a full day ahead in terms of release date!


      1. You’ll have to download it then because it’ll still be in theaters in February. I’ll make sure I see it in Imax 3D. I’ve never seen a Star Wars in Imax or 3D. In fact I’ve never seen Imax at all!


        1. Shit. Well maybe I’ll need to suck it up and deal with humanity to see it. I really dislike that option. Movie theaters make me lose faith in people so bloody fast. But a full cannister of pepper spray, zipties and some gags oughta make it at least bearable.


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