VIDEO: “Star Wars – Capture on Kashyyyk” featuring music by STEALTH

What is summer without a few trips to the cottage? This past weekend was beautiful and loaned itself to some photography and loads of music.

Below, you will find a video using a new track by Stealth, the duo made up of bass clarinetist Kathryn Ladano, and percussionist Richard Burrows.  The music is “point i” from their debut album, called …listen.  Thanks to Youtube, you no longer have to just “listen”!

“Point i” suited the jungle planet in the photos.  I was just playing around with my Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures and I wanted to show off my new IG-88 and Chewbacca.  I got carried away and what you see below is the result.  It was a lot of fun, which I hope you can see in the adventure!

Thanks to Kathryn and Stealth for permission to use the music.  Pick up ...listen by contacting the artists at, coming soon to iTunes and Amazon.



  1. This is fantastic fun! What a lot of work you did! Some people go to the cottage and sit on the beach. Lebrain plays Star Wars! :) And the music! I truly enjoyed the sneal peek of the album. Can’t wait to hear it!

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  2. That’s a real treat, Mike. Those figures look pretty swell and seems the cottage and the music make a pretty neat setting for a Star Wars adventure!

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    1. Well, this is what I was hoping… in less than a week, all the new Force Awakens figs will be out. So if I can score those on Force Friday (Sept 4) then the next video might be to be on the new desert planet of Jakku! Very much looking forward to the new figs. Kylo looks great, and Rey comes with the ball droid which I really really want!


  3. Wow. Pre-release sneak peek at The Force Awakens movie and soundtrack.

    Perhpas if you do more filming all prisoners could be held in a certain basement jail cell.


    P.S. Nice deck. It looks fairly new. Were you involved with the build.

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