#433.5: Top 15 on the 15th (by Uncle Meat)

Getting More Tale #433.5 presents: A worldwide online event!
THE TOP 15 ON THE 15th – Guest shot by Uncle Meat

This is an event spanning many sites and writers in the World Wide Web.  I will link to as many as possible; my own Top 15 can be found here.  A few months ago, the challenge was thrown down to all comers:  List your top 15 albums of all time!  The date September 15 was chosen for the deadline.

Uncle Meat laboured hard on his Top 15, eventually whittling it down from a list of 31 great records*.  Without any commentary, here they are.  His only requirement:  No live albums.

RUST15. Rust in Peace – Megadeth

SCREAMING14. Screaming For Vengeance – Judas Priest

EARTHQUAKES13. Little Earthquakes – Tori Amos

CLOSE12. Close to the Edge – Yes

CONSOLERS11. Consolers of the Lonely – The Raconteurs

CLUTCHING10. Clutching at Straws – Marillion

REIGN9. Reign in Blood – Slayer

MINDCRIME8. Operation: Mindcrime – Queensryche

WHALE7. Whale Music – The Rheostatics

MISPLACED6. Misplaced Childhood – Marillion

MOVING5. Moving Pictures – Rush

ROXY4. Roxy and Elsewhere – Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

PET3. Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys

HEMISPHERES2. Hemispheres – Rush

CORAZON1. El Corazón – Steve Earle

* For shits and giggles, here are the rest of The Meat’s albums that didn’t make the final cut.

  • White Pepper – Ween
  • Sky Valley – Kyuss
  • Harvest – Neil Young
  • Heaven and Hell – Black Sabbath
  • Fireball – Deep Purple
  • Somewhere in Time – Iron Maiden
  • Tenacious D – Tenacious D
  • Queens of the Stone Age – Queens of the Stone Age
  • Dogman – King’s X
  • American II: Unchained – Johnny Cash
  • Sheer Heart Attack – Queen
  • Noisy Nights – Uzeb
  • White City – Pete Townsend
  • Van Halen – Van Halen
  • Let There Be Rock – AC/DC
  • Kristopherson – Kris Kristopherson


        1. Ok .. just went and saw your real list and commented … Great list … But .. who’s list did I see then that had Pet Sounds? Uncle Meat is confused… So many lists ….. lol


        1. The puns never stop. You might find yourself thinking, you know, “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times”, but really you should think hey, That’s Not Me. I know that You Still Believe In Me. I know There’s An Answer. So relax. Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder). We’ll get through these puns just fine! :)

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  1. I’m another who needs to give El Corazon another listen. Haven’t listened to it in a long time. As well as that, I’m fairly certain Screaming For Vengeance would have made my list if I discovered it a few years ago. Briliiant, brilliant, brilliant album.

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    1. When thinking about this list .. I tried to remember what specific albums.. at one point and time .. were my favorite albums. Screaming For Vengeance was my favorite album for a few years. Until it got tossed away by Metallica .. ( in which i have none .. but i do have a Megadeth ..hmmm… interesting ,.) and the rest of the thrash ..(Anthrax .. Slayer .. Mercyful Fate … damn! I forgot about Mercyful Fate!!!! )

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  2. We’ll be Scream mmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiing ……cool list Unc! Cool that you put the country renegade Earle at the top of the heap! And Dave Mustaine gets some love! Like that Hemispheres is close to the top as well….Rush has so many great albums to pick from!

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