#433: Top 15 on the 15th (by LeBrain)


Getting More Tale #433 presents: A worldwide online event!
THE TOP 15 ON THE 15th

This is an event spanning many sites and writers in the World Wide Web today!  I will link to as many as possible.  A few months ago, the challenge was thrown down to all comers:  List your top 15 albums of all time!  The date September 15 was chosen for the deadline.

Hashtag it:  #top15onthe15th

You might have to wait for some of these to go live, but here are the links I have so far:

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Oh, how I loathe lists! Readers seem to love “Top Whatever” lists; different kinds, but I sure do hate making them.

However, I don’t like doing things in half-measures either. So for this, the Top 15 on the 15th, I’ve gone one step beyond. Not only do you get my Top 15 on the 15th, but also a list of the Top 15 tracks to listen to from these 15 amazing albums.

As of today, here are my Top 15. These will change periodically, probably tomorrow, and again the day after. See why I hate lists?  In the end I decided that I wanted to fairly represent some of my favourite artists.  But enough whining from me — let’s rock.  Spin these little bastards for a good time!

LEATHER15. Judas Priest – Hell Bent for Leather (Killing Machine)

VACATIONS14. Max Webster – A Million Vacations

NEWS13. Queen – News of the World

SCHOOL12. Alice Cooper – School’s Out

BEATLES11. The Beatles – The Beatles (The White Album)

JOHNNY10. Thin Lizzy – Johnny the Fox

HOUSES9. Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy

SAN8. Johnny Cash – At San Quentin

ANGEL7. Faith No More – Angel Dust

MOVING6. Rush – Moving Pictures

19845. Van Halen – 1984

Let’s stop here for a moment.  The thing about my top albums list is, the top four never change.  Four of these five albums have been in my top five for a long as I can remember making lists for.  The order may change, but that top four have been my top four, forever.  They are indelibly heat-stamped onto my grey matter.  These are as much a part of me as my left arm!

PIECE4. Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind

HOTTER3. Kiss – Hotter Than Hell

FIREBALL2. Deep Purple – Fireball

BORN1. Black Sabbath – Born Again

Right there are 15 incredible collections of music, both studio and live. But let’s not fool ourselves. Nobody is going to listen to all 15 of those albums just because some guy on the internet who goes by the name of “LeBrain” said so. I have chosen to distill these 15 amazing records down into 15 key tracks. I’m sure nobody needs an introduction to the big hits, so here are tracks you may not have heard. If you have ever cared about rock music, then you need to listen to these Top 15 Songs from the Top 15 Albums, on the 15th!

1. Rush – “Vital Signs”

2. Black Sabbath – “Disturbing the Priest”

3. Queen – “It’s Late”

4. Iron Maiden – “Where Eagles Dare”

5. The Beatles – “Dear Prudence”

6. Johnny Cash – “San Quentin”

“If any of the guards are still speakin’ to me, can I get a glass of water?”

7. Led Zeppelin – “The Ocean”

8. Thin Lizzy – “Massacre”

9. Alice Cooper – “Gutter Cat vs. the Jets”

10. Deep Purple – “Fools”

11. Iron Maiden – “Revelations”

12. Judas Priest – “The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)”

13. Alice Cooper – “My Stars”

14. Queen – “Spread Your Wings”

15. Deep Purple – “No No No”

Astute readers will realize that one singer appears on two albums. Ian Gillan was fronting Black Sabbath in ’83 for Born Again, and of course is best known as Deep Purple’s lead howler. Does this double appearance make Ian Gillan the greatest rock vocalist of all time? No. But the greatest does appear, with Queen on News of the World – Freddie Mercury!


  1. Superb list, Mike! Gotta say, not a whole lotta surprises in the band names here, though I might not have been able to guess the specific album, on some of them. I knew Born Again for sure, glad to see it’s still here.

    Haha awesome! We even picked one album the same! Twins!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Danica! I figures, if people wanna hear these albums, why not make it easy for them? Why not post the Top 15 Songs from the Top 15 albums? If you have an hour or so you can hear them all!


  2. These are great lists. I cant put POM in my top 15, because there are 9 Maiden albums I like more. Fireball is a good Purple album but its in the lower half for me. Born Again doesn’t even rate, but at least its better than Never Say Die! ;).

    Dont get mad at me Mike because I like Meat’s list a little bit more. His has Marillion and FZ on it. No heard feelings eh? ;).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. No arguments with any of your list — don’t know Max Webster at all, but the rest are all highly regarded by me as well, even Born Again (not my favorite Sabbath but much liked). Tastes can be highly personal and fickle, of course, but interesting to see we (currently) share favorite Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest and KISS albums!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hurrah! Johnny Cash is in there! Excellent list, Mike … I dare say I guessed a couple of artists that would make this, but certainly not the albums. Johnny Cash, though. Yas!


  5. Fireball came so close to making mine .. LOVE the song Fools … I remember the first time I heard it … Epic song. Great list overall. Interesting that Million Vacations is your favorite Max record. I knew Born Again would top your list … Hotter Than Hell was the first album I ever had …. and i never knew that Killing Machine was part of the name of Hell Bent For Leather


    1. Not the first comment pointing it out! I just don’t feel as strong about them as I used to.

      However more lists are trickling in. I will be posting another list shortly and that person DOES have Marillion. In the top 5!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Cool list Mike and yup we have nothing in common! Like your Hotter Than Hell pick! For me the production is sterile but the songs are classic….so Awesome Born Again is número Uno! That’s the true fan speaking!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh hell yeah the production on both those albums are pure stink. As if you left a hamburger in the fridge back in June. But you know what? If they remixed ’em…it wouldn’t be the same, would it?


  7. I LOVE me some Green Manalishi. The original Fleetwood Mac version is sweet too.
    I also agree that Freddie(and/or Dio) is the best vocalist ever. We only have 1 album the same, but a lot of the same bands. I didn’t have any Max Webster or Faith No More. What was I thinking?


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