#473: Party For Two


“Flaming Turds” artwork courtesy of SARCA at CAUGHT ME GAMING.  Thanks Sarca!

Welcome to the WEEK OF FLAMING TURDS!  This week we will be looking at a collection of malodorous music.  Strike a match, you’ll need it for these stinkers!  Let us begin with a story from Getting More Tale.


GETTING MORE TALE #473: Party For Two

I found this old diary entry. Sometimes you don’t need any commentary. So here you go!

Date: 2006/10/05

Fuck, me. I am listening to Shania Twain.

“Party For Two” with Mark McGrath.

FUCK, ME. I am listening to Shania Twain AND Mark McGrath.

What the fuck has happened to me?

Jesus Christ. I can’t fucking believe this. I used to make fun of my buddy T-Rev who started listening to Shania Twain because his girlfriend liked them. In my case it’s not my girlfriend. She hates Shania Twain. It’s the fucking am radio at work. God damn them to hell and then may Satan skullfuck them until they bleed red scales out of the ears.

I better go put on a Testament or Anthrax CD or something. FAST.

OK fine, I’ll add some commentary.  One of the bosses at work dated Shania Twain when she was a teenager named Eilleen.  It’s true.  As far as I’m concerned, her music still stinks!




  1. I once went to the Shania Twain museum in Timmins, Ontario. I was in Timmins for a wedding and what else are you going to do there? Not much, is the answer. They had footage of her as Eileen on the Tommy Hunter show, back when her teeth were about on par with mine. And many dresses. So many dresses. She is a tiny human.

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      1. More awards-show gown type dresses. And I think the museum closed years ago and is now government offices, or offices for a mining company or something. Good (?) thing I saw it when I did. #blessed

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        1. I don’t think I did. It was for a family wedding that failed in spectacular fashion so I probably wouldn’t go into details. But there was Space Mary at the church and a spaghetti dinner for 300 people wearing homemade bibs. It was an interesting weekend.

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        2. I saw a thing with Snoop Dogg and Randy on Swearnet. Snoops hands him a big bowl of Skittles and says something like “Take this you fat motherfucker.”


    1. Nothing against Mutt, because Back in Black obviously. but even Angus says, he doesn’t do rock anymore. Billy Ocean. Mutt’s a pop guy and that’s fine. He helped bring that to Leppard.


        1. Just kick anyone’s ass with that shirt.

          I’m curious about this, so I’m gonna Google Sugar Ray and see if they’re still making albums. Because I wouldn’t know that by walking into a store.

          How the mighty have fallen. Remember when they were huge? I do. Them, Smash Mouth, No Doubt….

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        2. That was my thought.

          I’ll be ‘kickin’ ass and takin’ names.” Probably in that order when I see that shirt.

          Ahhh the 90’s. Grunge, Nu Metal, Boy Bands and Nickelback.

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        3. Sugar Ray, formed in 1986, is a bunch of talentless pretty boys that had the right look and had a tiny bit of a hook which was good enough to make it to the top of the charts in a really bad time in the music industry. They are still trying to relive the fame by performing to cougars and bargoyles in the casino circuit.

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        4. I remember hearing that Flys song, but did not remeber the band. It is not a bad song.

          The only Flys I remember were a British punk band. I think I have some of their stuff here.

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        5. Hey now, I still love the Refreshments. True, they maybe had only a couple of singles people cared about and then people moved on, but those first two records are great top to bottom to this day. They were a highlight of Edenfest festival for me, too. Rich says the solo albums are great, as well.

          Same with Gin Blossoms. I still love ’em.

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        6. We.may have turned this post ftom a turds post into kind of a “where are they now” post as well, so perhaps some of the bands in the comments are less turd and more one or two hit wonders to others.

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        7. One band I am contemplating listening to is Blind Melon.
          I hate No Rain so much that I never listened to another one.of their songs. I hear they were pretty good so one day.

          Maybe even a review.

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        8. I love love love their “outtakes” album Nico. It is mostly acoustic, very raw and very very good. I may have reviewed it here but if I haven’t, I will.


  2. Not nearly! Enough! Exclamation Points! in this! Post! ;)

    One time my Mom wanted Shania’s greatest hits for Christmas. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. My sister had to remind me what Mom did to get me into this world and I was all “sigh, OK fine.” So when I went to the shop I got the Shania and I also got Slipknot’s 9.0 Live for myself. Because I could not just buy Shania. I had to balance the universe.

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      1. Yup. I went through a phase where Before I Forget was a fave. The live version on there is mighty damn good, too.

        I think maybe the Slipknot was nearest to hand as I was in line at the cash register, though. It could have been whatever they had in the impulse rack up front. Just needed to not ONLY buy Shania.

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      1. I destroyed my cousins Abba Gold cd in the microwave (best sparks show ever), and then had to go to the store and buy him a new one. I think it was around $25 back then. Painfully expensive and embarrasing. I metal head in a Led Zep concert shirt with hair half way down his back buying Abba.


    1. Well Geoff, you were the guy who made me realize that I need to work with Sarca more! She’s got a knack for the visuals. She did a much better job than I could have. I love what she did. I wouldn’t have come up with it. It was also her title – “Flaming Turds” was hers.

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  3. Wonderful. I know the song you’re referring to – back when I had acceas to MTV9 or VH52, or whatever, my wife and I saw this video. We thought it was hilarious. Still gets the odd joke reference to this day.

    What the fuck was Mark McGrath thinking?

    On a related note, my sister-in-law once made us howl by saying she liked Shenia. “She’s classy”. I was in stitches.

    She’s Celine Dion with a guitar.

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    1. She is classy, I will grant that. I have no problems with Shania the person, at all. It’s a shame what Mutt did to her. I don’t know if she will ever recover from that, career wise. We’ll see. I do wish her to do well.


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