#502: Sausagefest XV: The Complete Countdown

Thanks for hanging out this week for six new instalments of the ongoing series Getting More Tale!  Today we bring the week back full circle.  


GETTING MORE TALE #502: Sausagefest XV: The Complete Countdown

Clickity-click the glorious list below to enlarge.  This complete countdown was a blast to enjoy over two nights.  A few people said, “This was my favourite mix of tunes so far.”  As the 15th Sausagefest, that’s a mighty statement.

A couple notes:

Songs with names but no numbers are “tributes” to that particular Fester.

Only three songs that I voted for made the list this year:

  • “Take Hold of the Flame” – Queensryche
  • “Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)” – Thin Lizzy
  • “Empire of the Clouds” – Iron Maiden

You may be wondering what’s up with that version of “Whiskey in the Jar”.  What they did here was an interesting experiment.  Tom called it “ham-fisted”, and it was, but it was still a lot of fun.  We had three votes for “Whiskey in the Jar”, but by three different artists.  Technically, that would count as one vote each for three songs, rather than three votes for one song.  Instead, Tom creatively mixed together a medley of all three versions by the Dubliners, going into Thin Lizzy, then Metallica, back to Lizzy and ending with the Dubliners again.  Ham-fisted perhaps, but an interesting contrast that went over very well with the crowd.

If there are any tunes below that you haven’t heard before, I recommend giving them a spin!

Untitled (2)


        1. I think the guys are a little disappointed that it’s taken my this long to buy some Clutch.

          But hell, you can’t buy EVERYTHING! Look at that list! I liked every single song, except one! I could buy 20+ albums just from this year’s list alone.

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        2. Also, please notice the presence of Marillion’s “Bitter Suite” on its own as a single track. Definitely off-putting. But it was interesting to analyse it on its own. It’s not really a “song” per-se. It’s connective tissue between other songs and it has about 4 songs’ worth of melodies in it on its own.

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        3. I did see that – it is one of my fave bits of the whole Marillion thingy – the bit of the cassette that made me stop in my tracks and listen and want to hear if they’d ever done any music before ‘Misplaced Childhood’. I’ll play the La Gazza Ladra version tonight.

          ‘A spider wanders aimlessly within the warmth of a shadow …’

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      1. Haha my comment probably stems from my having listened to the Stones almost exclusively for, like, a week and a half (as you can tell from the daily posts over that the KMA).

        It’s a good list. Did I ever tell you I got a book about Roky and the 13th Floor Elevators? Haven’t read it yet but it’s in the pile…

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        1. I think you mentioned it before. I’m hoping one day my votes will align with somebody else’s on Roky. It’s only a matter of time. Periodically this weekend I heard stuff like, “Oh man I’ve been voting for this song for the last 6 years in a row! Finally!”


    1. Tom did a nice job on the fonts didn’t he? Look carefully and you’ll see AC/DC, Iron Maiden and more done in their fonts. Lovely work!

      As for Good Vibrations, I’m always supportive of them making an appearance.


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