#497: Sausagefest 2016 Official Report

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GETTING MORE TALE: #497: Sausagefest 2016 Official Report

I have returned, bitten by many insects of all kinds, from Sausagefest.

Every year, Countdown has its own personality, or personalities.  This year, the fifteenth annual, the 81 songs were drawn in almost equal amounts from the fountains of heavy metal and soul/funk.  There was Metallica, and there was Five Alarm Funk.  There was Iron Maiden, and there was Charles Bradley.  It was a stunning mix, also including long bombers by Yes and ELP.   Because of this year’s countdown, I will soon be purchasing Close to the Edge by Yes, and a number of Clutch CDs.

The countdown began, appropriately, with a song by Hibakusha and a previously unheard Paul MacLeod comedic bit.  MacLeod had a comeback show scheduled for the same weekend as Sausagefest.  It is sad that it could not come to pass.

I was given 10 songs to do “LeBrain” intros for.  They were as follows:

78. “Hanger 18” – Megadeth (for this I did a 7-minute comedic steam-of-consciousness bit as my own intro)
67. “Go Down Gambling” – Blood Sweat and Tears
60. “Snakes for the Divine” – High on Fire
55. “Rock and Roll Suicide” – David Bowie
49. “Why is it So Hard” – Charles Bradley
42. “Old Joe’s Place” – The Folksmen
36. “Burn In Hell” – Twisted Sister
29. “Fade to Black” – Metallica
18. “The Sounds of Silence” – Disturbed
11. “Empire of the Clouds” – Iron Maiden

Now, I do not care for Disturbed, and I did not want to introduce that song. I wanted another tune because I had an intro planned already for it (“Hollywood”, by Thin Lizzy). Tom and Uncle Meat refused to give me Thin Lizzy. They did not want to hear Disturbed so they left it to me. I told Meat, “Fine, but I am going to record my intro in the bathroom while taking my morning shit.” And that’s exactly what I did. The intro was received…with grace, all thing considered, by the people who voted for Disturbed. I have no issue with David Draiman, he is an incredibly gifted and obviously trained singer. It’s just not my cup of tea. It’s not a song I wanted to hear done that way. So I did my intro the only way I knew how: with exaggerated disgust. Love it or hate it, nobody ignored it!

The weather was a challenge, but not unbeatable.  Friday afternoon and early evening, we were pelted with rain, hail and lightning.  Due to the weather forecasts, it was decided late last week that there would be no live jams this year.  The more capable among us assembled tarps and gazebos to protect the precious Wall of Sound, and us.  Standing in the refreshing rain on such a hot day, I felt like Andy Dufresne after having climbed through the mile-long shitpipe.  There were many personal highlights for me this year, but I will say this. I am glad that I slept in Saturday morning, and did not go into Flesherton to get breakfast at the Flying Spatula. A highlight of previous trips, the Spatula is now under new, surly ownership. Our guys were treated to disinterested and slow service. One group of eight guys was asked to share one booth. Disappointing. We’re disappointed in you, Flying Spatula.

The most important part of Sausagefest besides the countdown is the camaraderie. Every year it gets better, too. Many of these guys only see each other once a year. Some of us show up fatter, balder, or both. Some of us even showed up with a broken ankle. That’s dedication. It’s that important to us.

Or, as Uncle Meat sang during his interpretation of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You”:

“Hey Scott,
Where the fuck are you?
Did you have better things to do
Than rock and roll, man?”

Can’t wait to do it all again.


  1. Man, a co-worker of mine was just telling me about that Disturbed track a couple of weeks ago. I never checked it out because I dislike Simon And Garfunkel, but now your post gives me two reasons to not go there! Sorry, Disturbed!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad Paul MacLeod was in the mix. And a Hibakusha track too!

    Also, Empire Of The Clouds. Great track, my kids would be thrilled (it’s still their favourite)!

    So happy for you guys that you made it through the storms and had a great time yet again. It’s wonderful to see folks getting together and sharing these times!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Empire of the Clouds was awesome. Maybe not the best track for Sausagefest. It started to feel like it was running a bit long. But three people voted for it, and it was my #2 song.


    1. 15 years strong! My first was year 6. The first few years, all the music was on CASSETTE. They had to flip tapes every 45 minutes! Now it’s a laptop and you push play ONCE.


  3. Haha. What an awesome read.
    But The Sound Of Silence is one amazing cover, the way Draiman sings it makes the hairs on my body stand up – I can’t get tired of that song. Also, I really like Disturbed – I’ll admit that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s OK! Believe me I had a lot of apologising to do! I really did trash the song. Not only did I do my intro on the toilet WHILE taking a poo, but I also put burp and fart noises over a little bit of the song.

      But after the song played, everybody agreed that he’s an amazing singer. And I get it! I really do! But as I said to one of the guys that night, I was given the song to introduce, so I decided to go “ALL IN” as they say. I wasn’t fond of the cover and went in with both barrels! (I’m glad I did though, because it generated talk.)


  4. God, I can’t stand that Disturbed cover either. Somehow everybody started sharing it on Facebook. Love Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide though, one of the greatest album closers ever. “YOU’RE NOT ALONE!”


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