Gallery: “Holy sh*t, jackpot” #2!

A followup to Getting More Tale #477: “Holy sh*t, jackpot, holy sh*t, jackpot…”


The crappy Walmart at Stanley Park Mall continues to yield treasure to those looking for it.

My weekend was already filled with some golden toy scores.  I picked up the Transformers Titans Return Galvatron figure at Toys R Us yesterday, and the Star Wars Black Series 6″ droid collection too.  These were small triumphs, but the real treasure awaited me today at Walmart.  On clearance!

HELLO NASTYI’m trying to get at least one of every character in the Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures.  As of today, I’ve done it.  The last one dropped into my arms.  Two weeks ago at that Walmart, it was General Hux.  Today it was the ever elusive Resistance pilot Ello Asty!  I’d never even seen one before.  I was so excited that I fumbled and dropped the box!  Small dent in the bottom left corner is my price, but since the toy was $19.99 on clearance, I’ll suck it up.

I also found a few more Titans Returns figures today to go with Galvatron, but there is no question that Ello Asty is my real jackpot today.  Since Ello Asty’s name was inspired by the Beastie Boys (Hello Nasty, get it?) we’ll leave you with some “Intergalactic” to get back to the subject of music.

Well now don’t you tell me to smile,
You stick around I’ll make it worth your while,
Got numbers beyond what you can dial,
Maybe it’s because I’m so versatile.




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