WTF Search Terms: Dicks Get Clicks edition

dick shaped fruit

WTF SEARCH TERMS XXXII:  Dicks Get Clicks edition


I’ll admit it with no shame:  Sometimes I insert certain phrases into reviews, hoping they will eventually garner some hits from bizarre search terms.  I did that this week with my Ozzy Osbourne:  Ozzmosis review.  Trying to strike while the iron was still hot, I claimed that Rick Wakeman’s organ sound on the album was “bigger than Orlando Bloom’s wang”.  This may or may not even be true.

Only a day later, I got my first hit for this.  The evidence is below.

orlando blooms wang

I admit I’m getting some smug satisfaction from this.  Dicks get clicks.  At least if they belong to Orlando Bloom (and therefore, by extension, Katy Perry).


A safely anonymous friend of mine said, “I came across the uncensored versions. Oh my. I never thought twice about Orlando being hot or whatever, but dayum.  I guess I just needed a mouth…errr eye opener.”  I guess lots of people will be searching for Orlando Bloom’s wang.

Here are nine more search terms from recent weeks, none of them nearly as classy as Orlando Bloom’s wang.

  1. shit hand in shower
  2. shower poop guy
  3. russian milf
  4. www . fuck animals . com
  5. porn mcgangbang
  6. marilyn manson sucking dick pictures
  7. japanporn
  8. guy porn fuck she male real play mp4 down
  9. videos of trailer park aex partes


Thanks for joining us for these fucked-up search terms.  Whose wang will it be next month?  Who knows?




  1. So hang on, these are search terms used here ie searching in Or are these search terms that land people here? That I can understand but if searching those terms within ‘this’ site I don’t understand!?

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    1. I suspect you may have missed past stories about “Joe Big Nose”, one of our longest serving store managers, and one of the most…”unique” people I’ve ever seen. He used to claim that he shit in the shower, and then backtracked on that claim. The jury is still out.


  2. OMG that man has a penis? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? I, for one, am shocked! … Seriously, its like most people are still in grade school, fascinated with the stupidest shit.

    Ah well, it got you a hit… I hope they forgot the cawk and stayed for the rawk.

    Also, what is this: “videos of trailer park aex partes”

    Video of trailer park axe parties? Or maybe aex is an acronym and a french person wanted part of something? And if it is trailer park axe parties, that seems like a bad idea on so many levels.

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