Sunday Chuckle: Comics, Comics, Comics



What did you do New Year’s Eve?  I explored the neighborhood, and bought comic books.  Here’s your Sunday Chuckle.

I was at home taking care of a sickie, when I got a text from my pal Jason.

“What are you doing right now?  I’m at the comic book store across from your place.  Big sale.  Free pizza.  You should come.”

Hold on…

…What comic book store across from my place?!?

There’s an actual comic store across the street from my place?  Apparently I have been completely ignoring the COMICS! COMICS! COMICS! sign for months.

New favourite store.  I bought a five-pack of the new ROM rebooted series from IDW ($20 for issues 1-5).

On my way out of the store, I ran into a big friendly guy who looked vaguely familiar.  “Jonathan”? I asked him, taking a chance.  He looked puzzled and answered back, “LeBrain?”  Sure enough, it was LeBrain reader and DaveRocks listener JT, who I actually reviewed a Jethro Tull album for by request a little while ago.  It was our first actual meeting, but surely not the last, now that I know where he gets his comics!

Lesson:  READ SIGNS.

Check out the Kitchener Comic Warehouse of Love on Facebook.

JT is quite an artist himself.  Check out his work at J-Trexx Monstrous Creations.




    1. Hard to get into at first because it’s quite a bit different from the Rom I remember as a kid. His home planet is no longer Galador and the Wraiths are completely different. They still shape-shift as humans though. Cool stuff, I missed Rom.


        1. I never had the chance to read the early ROM issues, but I think the beginning premise is the same. ROM arrives on Earth in a small town where the entire population has been replaced by Wraiths. He still has the same weapons more or less, but they look different. Instead of his “analyzer” he had big eye-like lights on his hands that work the same.


        2. That sounds familiar. I didn’t start at the beginning either.

          I had the toy first, it was a hand-me-down from my uncle.

          I recovered my first issue of the comic sometime later in a used bookstore downtown where they sold reading copies of old comics for real cheap. That had to be around 85 or 86, so even if the ones I got were a few years old, they were still about halfway through the run.

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        3. I can’t remember how or why I got into Rom — I didn’t know there was a toy at all until later. My dad used to buy me comics a lot, so it could have been random. I remember Rom crossed over with Avengers and Alpha Flight, so it could have come from there too.

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  1. Man, all you need now is a bunch of over-educated comic geek friends who work at the university and a hot blonde girl who lives across the hall! Wait, has this been done?

    Cool there’s a comics shop so close. My town hasn’t even got a comics store.

    But if I’m ever seeking issues of certain things, I know who to contact! Schweeeet!

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    1. Well I wanted to leave that part out because there was nothing “sunday chuckle” about it, but why not. It’s our lives and this is what we deal with.

      The original plan was to go to Jason and his family’s place for New Years. His wife laid out a spread of appetizers, it was great. Then we were to head downtown for their annual sci-fi toy sale at City Hall. We did that two years ago and had a blast. But Jen had a really bad seizure early in the night and that ended that. I took her home and Jason took the kids to the sci-fi sale downtown.

      She was lying in bed when about an hour and a half later Jason texted me about the comic store. He heard about it downtown at city hall and headed over. I checked on Jen — she didn’t need me to watch her anymore. She was awake and “with it” but I felt it prudent if she stayed home instead of going across to the store. She agreed and off I went for a short while. She was happy I got to go, I was happy she was OK — so win/win.


  2. LOL brilliant. Used to LOVE the comic shop but wallet doesn’t afford what they used to anymore but I do splash once or twice a year for a tasty trade paperback collection if can.

    I spent my NewYear Eve with a couple coldies while we anticipated collecting our eldest and her friend from a local party. Age has well and truly kicked our youth :( Did manage to draw some toons and enjoy a little music but alas no energy for big nights of old…

    And that there’s some great artwork! Kudos to yer new pal for his work :)

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    1. Rom is no robot — he is a SPACE KNIGHT! He is a human merged with powerful battle armor. His people were wiped out by the magic-wielding Dire Wraiths who he has tracked to Earth. They have taken the form of humans they have killed and now occupy important positions in communities and even nationally — one member of GI Joe has been replaced by a Dire Wraith! I’m on issue 5 but I’ll continue reading when the next ones come out.

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