REVIEW: Stryper – Fallen (2016 Japanese import)

STRYPER – Fallen (2016 Frontiers, Marquee Japanese import)

As far as this writer is concerned, Stryper are the reunion kings.  Their 80s output featured fantastic singles like “Calling to You” and “Free”, but many of the albums were uneven and not as rocking as you knew they wanted to be.  Since their heavy-as-hell (pun intended) comeback album Reborn (2005), Stryper have been off the leash.  It seems they gave up trying to fit in to any specific mold and are just trying to be true to themselves through their music.  2016’s incredible Fallen could be the pinnacle of the reunion era.

Unabashedly Christian, the opening track “Yahweh” happens to be one of the most potently epic slices of rock I’ve heard.  A choir sings “Yahweh, Yahweh…” while lead wailer Michael Sweet spits out of his words as few singers in metal can do.  His range is still remarkable and he has lost none of his lung capacity.  There are Maiden-esque riffs, latter-day Metallica grooves, and some seriously epic solo work by Sweet and guitarist Oz Fox.  And that’s all in just the first 6:21 of the album.  It’s strange to say, but you could compare “Yahweh” to similar epic tracks by Ghost.

“Yahweh” may be the most impressive track on a very good metal album, but it’s certainly not the only one.  The cool descending riff that accompanies “Fallen” bites into your flesh, while Sweet’s chorus lifts the ceiling.  There is also material that sounds like old school Stryper, such as “King of Kings”, “Big Screen Lies” and “Pride”.  These songs boast big and classic sounding choruses and riffs.  Stryper even snuck in a Black Sabbath cover (not their first) of “After Forever”.  The words fit Stryper like a leather studded glove:

Perhaps you’ll think before you say that God is dead and gone,
Open your eyes, just realize that He is the one,
The only one who can save you now from all this sin and hate,
Or will you still jeer at all you hear? Yes, I think it’s too late.

A lot of people forget how Christian that particular Sabbath lyric is!  Very amusing how much flack metal took from the church in the 80s, all the while “After Forever” dated back to Master of Reality in 1971!  Granted, I’m certain that most Catholics wouldn’t appreciate the line “Would you like to see the pope on the end of a rope, do you think he’s a fool?”

Whether you are a believer (it’s not a requirement) or just a worshipper at the altar of St. Halen, Stryper serves up plenty of hot metal on Fallen.  The modern grooves of “Heaven” and “Let There Be Light” are two that should appeal to many, and long time fans of Stryper will go bananas for the emphasis on melodies and choruses.  And Stryper didn’t forget their ballad fans, either.  “All Over Again” is a typical bombastic Stryper ballad, but not with the extra saccharine they used to utilize in the 80s.  And if that is too bombastic for you, check out the acoustic version included as a Japanese exclusive bonus track.  I think I prefer the bare acoustic version, but I’m also getting tired of getting acoustic versions as my Japanese bonus tracks.  It seems the go-to bonus track lately has been the acoustic version.

Rest assured, Stryper have not Fallen.  Quite the opposite. They continue to soar on mighty wings of metal.

5/5 stars






  1. Threw me there Mike, thought this was released 2015 but assume it was the Japan import that came 2016!?

    And will have to dig this one out again as thought it paled in comparison to 2013’s No More Hell To Pay which I thought much heavier and to the point while Fallen feels more experimental while nothing wrong with that personally thought it had more filler!?

    Regardless ya have my attention and will re-investigate thanks for reviewing Mike :)

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    1. It’s possibly Wardy! No More Hell to Pay is one of the few I’m missing, but I do have the live album that followed, Live at the Whiskey (Japanese with bonus track of course).

      I saw on Stryper’s Facebook recently that a few fans thought this could be their best album period. I’m tending to think that too!


      1. Interesting, I thought Sweet Lynch was better than Fallen so if that’s the vibe you getting Def revisiting this :)


  2. This sounds pretty good. I’ll check out that opening track, at least. That dude at the bottom right looks like he’s still rocking in the 80s. Either that or he’s a part time wrestler.

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  3. I agree that their new stuff is really heavy and not quite like their 80’s sound. I will have to go back and revisit as I don’t remember it that much. I was suffering from Michael Sweet burnout so haven’t listened to anything of theirs in awhile.

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      1. Oh yeah. I have heard everything they put out. I have enjoyed them, but haven’t been able to listen to them for awhile. I haven’t been able to get in to Michael’s new solo album at all. Knowing there is another Sweet & Lynch album coming and a new Stryper next year, I don’t know if I can take it anymore…kidding.


    1. Except for that recent Deep Purple In Rock – 6/5 stars, and backed up by HMO as justified!

      I would say that now’s the time to pull the trigger on Stryper. I really don’t think they have ever sounded better. This kills.

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        1. I would say if you have a truly even playing field, and already own Ghost or Slayer albums, then there’s nothing to get past. Turnabout is fair play!


        2. Just occurred to me. You already own Johnny Cash Unearthed. That’s way more unabashedly Christian, so I’d say you’re golden. Stryper is quite tame compared to disc 4 of that set. He even reads from the Bible in that set. You’re all good to go!


  4. I should look into their last few albums.
    I have some from the 80’s on vinyl but they collect dust.

    As for the Japanese imports only including a live song, it sure seems unfair to the collector that spends extra cash (sometimes 3 or 4 times as much) to fulfill the need to own it.

    As for Micharl Sweet his latest solo effort has some guest stars that make me want to buy that too.
    Also, his wife’s name is Lisa Champagne. No really.

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    1. It’s actually acoustic versions I’ve seeing a lot of lately as Japanese bonus tracks. The Steven Pearcy and this one are two recent ones I reviewed that both have acoustic versions.


  5. I love this band. Both their 80’s stuff and their new stuff. Brilliant band.
    But they are better now than ever and this album together with No More Hell To pay are without a doubt their best efforts to date. I actually hold NMHTP as their best.

    About the After Forever lyrics, they’re not as Christian as one might think. The lyrics are a conversation Geezer Butler had with his very religious dad and they’re more or less the exact words that Geezer’s dad spoke.
    Geezer didn’t agree at all with him but figured those words would make a great lyric – and boy, was he right. Great song, though and Stryper really does it justice.
    Killer review, Mike.


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