Sunday Chuckle: I’ll take “Swingline” for $100,000 Alex

Remember the film Office Space?  The character of Milton had a special Swingline stapler that was important to the storyline.  It was a one of a kind red stapler.  Swingline didn’t make a red stapler; it was painted as a special prop for the movie.  Due to popular demand, Swingline today finally sell an official red stapler inspired by Office Space.  I have one myself.

Sometimes-contributor Thussy was looking for a new red Swingline stapler on Amazon.  Check out the price on the last one!  (Free shipping, though….)  #fail


  1. Well worth $$ though …OK not $1000000, but I have one too, and that thing is damn solid. Before it, I never though anyone could make a stapler worth a damn. They all busted on me or could never punch the paper right. This one will last you forever.

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        1. Our receptionist ordered one without knowing the origins of it. She was sick of her stapler being stolen or “going missing”, in office speak. My buddy Thuss and I saw it on her desk and flipped out! Half an hour later, she had two more staplers on order.

          Thuss left earlier this year for a new job and had to leave his stapler behind. That’s why he’s shopping for a new one!

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        2. I use mine at home. But I do have a black Swingline at work that is pretty solid. It has a staple remover compartment at the back. Nothing is technically mine there,


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