RE-REVIEW: KISS – Best of Solo Albums (1979) #0wordchallenge

Brief explanation:  After the #200wordchallenge, I was inspired to come up with an even more daunting task.   Could I do a review in 0 words — without using any words at all?  I invite you to the #0wordchallenge!  Mine is below, but use your imagination and come up with something uniquely you!  This review is a part of…


  Best of Solo Albums (1979 Phonogram)

Original review:  2012/09/03


    1. Hey Mike.

      Have decided to sign up for the #0WordChallenge, and have chosen an album.

      Will post (my) Friday (possibly your Thursday evening). That’s May 26th. Fifty years after May 26th 1967. He he he…

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  1. I bought this when it came out. I have no clue why as I already owned the solo albums. I sold it to a second hand record store later.
    Why did they include Hold Me Touch Me? That’s the worst song out of all the songs on the solo records. It’s not like Paul’s record lacked great songs…

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      1. Ah was it? Well, it makes sense then. What doesn’t make sense is that it was the single…


  2. Hahaha this was awesome. Very creative and fun.


    But I don’t understand the final one. What does the photo for Hold Me, Touch Me mean? You liked it… sort of? You didn’t hear it? What can it meeeaaannnn??? :)


    1. The short answer is I’m lazy and need to go in and make all the tags consistent in the tag editor. I probably had caps long on, and once it’s saved in the tags that way it stays that way. I used to not care because in an old format I was using, it always looked like caps all the time. In this format, it doesn’t.

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