Sunday Chuckle: M-Pee-3


    1. Well Jade, perhaps these entrepreneurs could envision a future unisex version. I’m all for being inclusive, and everybody’s gotta pee. We can put an astronaut on the moon; therefore we can make a unisex M-Pee-3 toilet.

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      1. I have watched a few as well but have not got to that episode.
        I believe James hated that episode. Different strokes.

        You know that is based on Listowel don’t you.
        In fact, a few months ago, someone changed the town sign to Letterkenny.

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        1. Yes and there is a line in one episode that mentions St Jacobs. Something like this:

          Why would I spend $25 on a piece of leather to hold my pants up when I can just buy pants that fit?

          $25, where the fuck are you buying your belts? More like $35, $45 these days.

          No boys, I go down to the St, Jacobs Flea Market. I can get five belts for $25!


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